Dishwater Day (and Weasels)

It’s another dishwater day, Friends. Today’s entry will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You know … much like the the bottom of the sink after you finish washing up.

The big news today? A weasel. A baby, I think. Perhaps just a small, local variety. No doubt though – it was a little weasel/ermine sort of thing. Still had it’s white coat, but the dark fur was on its way. Oh, I didn’t mention that it was in the RV?! Yep. Came out of an open cabinet while I was sitting here typing, saw me, and went back in. I went to look for it in the cabinet, got a skitter and a glimpse, and went to get the Hav-a-Heart trap. And when I got outside? I saw something move under the RV. A tiny weasel. Same coloring. Pretty sure it was the same dude. I think we might have had a family under the RV once I skirted it, and now that I am taking the skirting off … Well, perhaps there’s a hiphop tune there somewhere – “Weasel in the House.” To paraphrase Cindy Adams, the notable columnist from my previous home, “Only in the Adirondacks, kids. Only in the Adirondacks.”

At any rate, the critters are abuzz today. The red squirrel is outside in a tree trying to steal bird food, the chickadees are having a party in once of the spruces, and I saw a few chipmunks this morning. They live under the piles of salvaged logs from the old house.

Still working in the Tinycabin, recording piano arrangements for the freelance gig, due Monday. A few songs will be a few days late. (Can I help it if we had a beautiful weekend and I had to take two days off?) Following that, I have another piano gig, accompanying several musicians at a competition. The place will be crawling with musicians and teachers – Needless to say, I am getting some of them fancy VistaPrint biz cards this week. Evidently, I’m in demand.

The rock garden border is done, I’m roughing up the grass – seems like miles of it – overseeding last year’s crop, and going back over it with the aerator. Almost done with … the side yard. Only. No big. It’s hard work, but I kind of like it. And meanwhile, since that side of the property is now roped off, I’ll have a surprise when I open it back up – my rhubarb and lupins are over there growing away. The grass that is coming up from last year – I swear there’s something in the ground in the Adirondacks. It is so bright green!

That’s the news today, Friends. You have a great day too.



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7 responses to “Dishwater Day (and Weasels)

  1. hideawayhill

    The weasel picture is adorable! However I don’t want them in my attic! I recently found out that there were weasels up there. Otoh, they eat mice, so the mice haven’t been hanging out up there. I love to see them as long as they are outside and not in my house!

    Your piano nook looks very cozy and a delightful place to work. Looks like you will be spending quite a bit of time there too, which is a good thing. It’s nice to work at home so you can also take breaks to go out and play. 🙂

  2. I know we have weasels around but never seen one.

  3. Probably that’s what all the nature chatter is about,… ya know… squirrel to chickadee: “pssst… did you know that the weasel is finding neat digs in the big tin box?”… I’ve heard that some rvs have openings around the plumbing pipes, stuff some steel wool or that expanding foam in there. Good luck, SP!

  4. themac

    How cute!!! However, I’m a litlte shocked that Rufus didn’t go mad. When my collie was around, she’d chase crickets all day! I had an ermin during the winter. He got into the bait fish we had for ice fishing. The kid had a great time watching the ermin go in and out of the bucket to get another fish.

  5. Rufus is pretty non-plussed most of the time. I put him in with the chickens once to see what he would do. I knew he wouldn’t eat them. He ignored them.

  6. ErminE Mac. Don’t make me come up there and school you.

    OK, fine. I will. August it is.

    We don’t have red squirrels here. I always thought they were obnoxious, but now I kind of miss them.

  7. I always love the BRIGHT GREEN of the newest spring grass too!

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