Hey, friends!

This week I’ll be finishing up all that music work that I have due. Deadlines. The weekend was so beautiful, and the holiday coming so quickly, I took three days off. (Oops.)

You know what that meant for me. Yard work – my twisted idea of fun! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this Spring/Summer is all about ¬†beautification. As we’re not building this year, we can certainly put our efforts (and a little cash) into making the place look nice.

This weekend past, we surely got a good start! Mostly small projects that turned into big ones. I needed to get the remaining pretty-rocks out of the hole where the house used to be. As long as I was pulling rocks out of the hole, I figured I might as well build the rock border I wanted on the side garden bed. So I did. Time to weasel up the first year grass and get some air down there. Long as I am aerating the yard, I might as well put down some second-year seed and weasel it again to mix it in and bury it. So I did. Only thing that saved me from doing the whole side yard was that we have to have somewhere un-roped-off to walk.

Anyhow. Fun!! You folks know how I love this crap.

In the domestic department, we got a new fridge. (You might remember the big one is all whacked out.) And it is glorious, friends. Sears had a sale going on downtown, which I mentioned to a neighbor. The neighbor happened to have a fairly new GE model sitting around. We bought it for twenty bucks. The little Sears fridge was on sale for $120. Needless to say, we were happy to give up the thrill of a new model to save the hundred bucks.

A lovely social weekend also! Friday evening, we went to a super-nice gathering at new friends’ gorgeous home. Lovely property, lovely house, lovely people. On Sunday, we were with our adopted North Country family at a big BBQ. (I had never seen so much steak in one place my life.) The similarly aged members of the family and us planned our “Wine Night” for the next full moon. Awesome.

It’s weekends like this that make falling on my ass on the ice all Winter seem worth it.



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7 responses to “Sprung

  1. hideawayhill

    Sounds like a lovely weekend for you. You are bringing smiles to my face as you talk about your yard work (chores to me). My dad was like that. He worked in the city using his mind (law) all his life, and had a second home up here. There was nothing that made him happier than playing in the dirt. One of his favorite activities was “crawling on his belly with a machete” cutting trails through his woods. Another was taking the kids on his lawn tractor and mowing. But oh, he was scary with a chainsaw!

  2. Looks like spring is chugging right along at the pines,… way to go!

  3. sounds like the good life to me. I’m always willing to take the hand-me-down frig and save some $$$.

  4. themac

    I love your energy!! Keeping busy and knocking things off your to-do list. The rock wall looks beautiful! What are you going to do with the hole? Fill it in? Hand-me-downs are great (my current fridge was free!) but nothing is like new.

  5. Corky

    If you have raised the soil level around a tree even an inch or two you may kill the tree.

    Be very careful about that Phil.

    Those are lovely trees. Make a wall around the trunks to protect them in any area you want to build a flower bed. Make it out about 18 inches from the tree.

  6. I’m good on that, Corks. I didn’t build up around the trees. And actually – sad face – the one in the back is getting cut down this Summer. Completely rotted out in the middle. I’m sad.

  7. Geez, keep that little thing away from the chickens! Weasels are terrible on chickens. A woman I know just lost three of her girls to a weasel.

    Carolyn H.

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