An Early Spring Night’s Dream

Isn’t “Quick Post” a WordPress feature, or something? If it is, I’m not using it. However, this will be a QP all the same. Do I sound like I’m out of my mind? I am.

On Monday, April 12, I have a big job due. I’m arranging and recording twelve songs for an old boss in the city. But I think I’ve mentioned that before. The point being – pressure. Nothing horrible, but it is a deadline, it’s for a friend, and it’s a chunk of money we will dearly be able to put to use. In fact, if it were not for this gig, there would be no weekend vacations anywhere this Summer.

Point being, for some reason, when I am under pressure, I dream. Or rather, I remember them. I retain little bits of insignificance from the day, and insert them into my slumber. For instance, the other day I accidentally phoned someone that I really did not want to speak to. Dialed the wrong number. Dreamed about it, which made me laugh. Yesterday, in passing, I decided that I probably had plenty of firewood for the rest of the season. Dreamed about it. Thought about finding the time to repot some more seedlings before the warm weather tomorrow. Dreamed about it.

I find it fascinating. All funny/pleasant dreams, and all had a sort of Spring-like feel. And just the fact that I am remembering them. I usually don’t. Ah, well. Perhaps getting my head back into some music has brought my inner-dreamer closer to the surface.



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4 responses to “An Early Spring Night’s Dream

  1. I just realized it’s been awhile since i visited. Sorry!

    Last night I dreamed that I tore the nasty linoleum in our kitchen and found a beautiful hardwood floor peeking at me from the gash. So, I pulled a tremendous chunk of the floor up- only to discover the hardwood portion was this tiny chunk and the rest was plain sub-floor and I’d ruined the linoleum beyond repair and had to explain it all to Rich. What do you think? Do I want a new floor or what? 😀

  2. themac

    You have problems remembering your dreams too? I only remember the worse ones and it’s really disturbing.

    However, having dreams about the ideas or plans you wish to concur must be sorta rewarding. But, then again – you’re kinda doing the work twice. 🙂

  3. It sounds like you’ve got your hands full! But the money will come in handy.

    I tend to dream plots if I haven’t written in a while. The plots aren’t good enough to write generally, but it’s obvious that I need to get them out.

    I’ve gone and given you another blog award. But don’t worry about doing anything with it. Just know that I really enjoy your blog postings.

  4. Lately I’ve been remembering my dreams too and they’re very vivid. Usually happy, often about my son. I am glad I can recall these even if not in great detail.

    I think your mind is so busy it’s in overdrive, even at night. Sweet dreams, my friend!

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