Muckedy Muck

Ever muck out a chicken coop? This was my first time. I can assure you that this video is two things – amusing, and gross. You’ve been warned!



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7 responses to “Muckedy Muck

  1. good video. The other day, while carrying a bucket of water, I somehow tripped (over my own feet), and fell face down into chicken muck, geez louise, what awful stuff. I finally got myself up, limped inside to cleanup – on my glasses, in my hair, soaked to my underwear, I was spittin’ it out…

  2. themac

    I’m so happy your video isn’t smellable! 🙂 But, you have some great fertilizer for the veggies!

  3. This video definitely does not help Jess’ campaign to convince me to build a chicken coop this spring!

  4. Ooooooo, Phil, make sure you compost that a bit before you put it on your plants. Fresh chicken is really hot and will burn your plants up if you put it on raw. That being said, I’m so jealous that you have it, cause once you do compost it, it’s wonderful stuff.

  5. Your video cracked me up! I know ALL about projects that become major!!

    Try wood chips or cedar chips sprinkled hither & yon inside on the floor at times through the winter. Chicken poop is high in nitrogen so it works well when composting w/ the wood. And the cedar helps w/ chicken mites, in theory, and definitely w/ the smell!

    Nicely done though – now if we could just get these waves of rain (for me) & snow (for you) to stop, so my house will stop trying to float!

  6. Oh, Herbs, don’t I know it. I wouldn’t use chicken compost under a year old. In fact, it was so hot, it irritated my skin the few places I got it on me. It’s serious stuff!

    I actually had some wood chips in there – I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been without them! LOL

  7. Benn there, done that. As Herbs said … compost it, first … chicken manure is “hot.” It’s time to do mine, now, and I’m trying to figure out a way to convince Norm to do it for me …. perhaps a big batch of peanut butter cookies in exchange???

    Haven’t been here much – not been doing much reading of late. I like your ghost “story” … keep it up and let us know. The blue is fascinating … why not just a few white lights?

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