I stopped writing and started deleting this post three times. I was thinking that the post doesn’t really have anything to do with anything local or any of my adventures around here. But, Carole loves these personal posts, so here it is. Ha!

Anglophile (ang-lō-fīl) n.One who admires England, its people, and its culture.

It’s nearly a mania, Friends. I am very particular about my tea (Earl Grey loose tea only, and I prefer St. James’s brand). I’ve gotten to the point at which I actually prefer strong tea to coffee. Two sugars, no milk. In fact, I own books about tea, and even giving a proper tea.

Other than one or two American series, I watch exclusively British television. I’ve seen everything from the absolutely genius older series Upstairs Downstairs to the newer Clatterford and The Vicar of Dibley. More recently, Little Britain is a favorite. I’ve seen most of the costume drama mini-series as well, from the old stuff to the new. (Lillie, about the Victorian actress Lillie Langtree was a favorite, but the more recent Cranford is just plain genius. I’ve watched both twice.) I don’t get into the UK soap-operas much, but I did get very into Monarch of the Glen. I’m watching The Irish RM right now.

I just read Fodor’s London (the travel guide) for pleasure, followed by Turn Left at the Pub, a walking tour of several English villages. (I’m more into the countryside, but the London book was interesting.) I also read the UK Times for my news. I’ve never been much of a newspaper reader, but when I get the urge, I go to the Times.

Surprisingly, I suddenly have three (potential) penpals! Remember that I was just speaking about how lousy those penpal websites can be? I tried one of them, and I’ve already corresponded with a few folks from Ireland and Great Britain. Cool, no? I’m totally a nethead, but I’m also one of those folks that believes we are losing the art of the handwritten letter. I thought it would be nice to combine my desire to handwrite with my desire for some UK pals.

So, you see, I think I qualify for the Anglophile badge. You have a great day in your neck of the woods. I have to run into town to see if I can find a decent tin of Earl Grey.



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6 responses to “Anglophilia

  1. Hey, I’m glad on the fourth try you pressed on with your post, remembering that we don’t just “tune in” here for “all ADKs all the time” – we also tune in because we like you – you’re a really interesting person and these tangents that let us see some of the other sides of you are always fun and enlightening! I *know* I’m not the only one who enjoys getting to know you better! 😀

    Actually it’s funny you happened to post this because my husband and I were watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus episodes (decidedly low brow compared to what you’re watching, I know) just the other night and I was thinking how British humor is so different than American humor. Now you’ve got me curious…we get the BBC channel – I’ll have to check out some of the programs. There’s never anything on any of the other channels anyway…LOL….

    Wear your Anglophile badge proudly and I hope you found some suitable tea! 🙂 No reason you can’t live in the Adirondacks AND be civilized, right? 🙂

  2. Pamela

    check out this link below

    It’s about a remake of Upstairs Downstairs, moved on in time to just before the 2nd World War, starring the 2 actresses who wrote the original series. It will be written by Heidi Thomas who wrote Cranford and who was in the year below me at school back in the 70s.

    BTW you should also check out The Good Life which was a massive hit in the UK and can still be found on Sky TV channels most days now. it is a brilliantly written and hilariously funny sitcom about a couple living in the suburbs of London who decide to pack in the day job and become self sufficient but don’t want to move house. Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal play the self sufficient couple and their wonderfully snooty neighbours are played by Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington. I’m sure you will love it.

  3. Carole – I sincerely recommend that first group of television shows I mentioned. They’re that good. I absolutely loved Monarch of the Glen too.

    Pamela – I had heard about the sequel, but hadn’t read anything about it – thanks for that link! I saw a bit of The Good Life (because I love Briers) and didn’t get into it, but I didn’t give it much of a chance. I’ll check it out again.

  4. Oh the Vicar! I love the Vicar! No, no, no, no, no,…. yes!

  5. Monarch of the Glen rocked, as did the British The Office–too funny! And Coupling was the same, only pretty risque. Then there’s Keeping up Appearances–that one is awesome, and their antiwues shows, and…I could go on and on. I loved BBC, then our satellite company took it off and told me I had to get the $99 service to have it again. So we got rid of the TV.

    My mother, as you know, was from a village near Cambridge,England so many of her traditions carry on in my family. Earl Grey, loose, is a must. I can go with cream and sugar, just sugar, or black. But it has to be made in a teapot, with boiling water. I just bought a Simplex copper kettle on eBay and love it. Sometimes the English ways feel more comfortable to me than our American ways, probably because of Mom.

  6. You said a mouthful, Granny Sue. I’m on bagged tea right now, and quite frankly, it sucks. I feel the same. I find find the English ways a lot more comfortable in many instances.

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