The Neighbors Approve

It’s a Dishwater Day, Friends. So many nice things coming from friends and neighbors this week. Ain’t that awesome? You know what Dishwater Day means – I’m just going to toss in all the old stuff I have sitting around after cleaning up. A few slices-of-life, maybe a little news. See? I don’t even have a plan.

Item Number One: Random Acts of Kindness

First off, it’s thatching season, if you’re a grass nut. And I am. Or, it was thatching season until it started raining. I was outside much of the last several days, raking thatch out of the first year grass I planted last season. While I was raking, a car slowed down out front and hollered, “I love your rock wall! You’re doing such a nice job with the place!” Now, isn’t that the kind of thing that just makes your day?

Item Number Two: That Sweet, Sweet City Money

I snagged a commission. That’s one of the best parts of being a musician. You get to use words like gig and commission. An old boss/friend/neighbor in New York City (mid-disaster) suddenly needs twelve full-length songs arranged for a small orchestra. And recorded. Fast. Did you know that there’s someone you can call for that? Me. I’ll be spending two weeks in the cabin writing and recording orchestra arrangements. (An explanation of how I do this would require its own blog post.) A little extra money is always nice, and as I well know, city money is even nicer.

Item Three: It’s Raining

It’s raining, there’s no sun, and my seed starts are getting leggy. It was nice and sunny for quite a while, and now two days of dark. It’s okay I guess. The seedlings are stretching for what light there is and wrecking themselves. I’m certainly not going out in the rain to build a cold-frame (which wouldn’t help much anyway), so I think I’ve decided that seed starting may not be my thing. Anyhow. If they last, they last. If they don’t I have more seed.

Item Four: The Bi-Annual Pen Pal Search

In the Expanding-My-Neighbors department – Every other year or so, I remember that I might like to have a UK penpal. I remembered the fact this morning, looked around at websites that facilitate such things, and decided that (in addition to the fact that there are precious few people who want to write by hand anyway) these sites were so much webcrap, I don’t have the hours-to-weeks to muck through them. Eh. Perhaps in two years.

* * *

That’s the news, Friends. You have a great day too.



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8 responses to “The Neighbors Approve

  1. Kate

    Grow light for the seedlings in the short term?

  2. I like dishwater posts. I am still at the farm. Will be here for awhile if not fulltime. All the junk from the warehouse and place in Lexington was brought here and put in the yard or in the house. Guess where my time has been spent? sorting for throw away, give away or sell piles. I thought I had a lot of junk but man he never threw anything away! Hopefully we will get it all sold or gone from here and he will get on the road. I am loving being back on the farm though. Missed it more than I thought.

  3. Pamela

    So is the writing by hand thing a deal breaker on the UK penpal front? Is it just not a penpal situation if you email instead of snail mail? And talking of penpals I need to get the letters from my class of 9 year olds in the mail to their French penpals, good thing I dropped by here as it has jogged my memory. Thanks for that.

  4. I’m still nurturing my basil plants. I put them outside on the deck to get some real sun and warmth. I guess it wasn’t as warm as I thought, I lost a few leaves to a cool breeze.

  5. I love writing letters by hand. There is something special about that. I’m not in the UK though. Only Alabama.

  6. That’s the first dishwater i’ve actually enjoyed! Way to go on the commision work, SP!

  7. Don’t you just love neighbor approval? My husband is a grass nut too and last year (in our old house) we had neighbors make similar comments. Made us smile for weeks. And congrats on the “city commission” – awesome! I love hearing success stories about people making a living while enjoying life up here. It really CAN be done.

  8. Seems futile, but I’ve started an Avocado tree.

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