The List (Spring Edition)

  • Rake up thatch in the grassy areas ✓
  • Post on Freecycle for more planting containers ✓
  • Start seedlings indoors ✓
  • Put together other garden bench
  • Gather containers, fill with soil, and plant veg garden
  • Take insulation skirt off the RV, awning out
  • Finish up/even out rock wall
  • Figure out location and arrangement of new pole barn
  • Tear down chicken pen, salvage boards & 2x4s
  • Build pole barn or lean-to barn
  • Use remaining (partially rotten) logs to line garden beds
  • Play croquet at least twice
  • 2nd Annual Neighbors Over for Chili & Glaziers Night!

  • Fill in bare areas with grass seed
  • Get 4 patio blocks for bench feet
  • Canoe – a lot
  • Clean nails and  move salvaged (huge) beams to line driveway
  • More gravel in the driveway (Muddy!)
  • Till area behind driveway and plant grass seed
  • Move red spruce and add more white pines
  • Research & plant salt-resistant trees for road screening
  • Chop up wood and stack (in that new barn) for firewood
  • Have a load of sand brought in to fill the “house hole”
  • Replace the ugly pink curtains in the RV (maybe)
  • Repaint the green trim on the cabin that I have always hated (maybe)

Cleaning the Hen House video coming Monday!



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5 responses to “The List (Spring Edition)

  1. Yay!! Another list maker!! My list lately has been drowning me, but oh the changes that have been made. I have lots of blog posts yet to come, but still have house guests, so time is limited… will return in a week or two. But your list makes my heart glad!!

  2. Is the chicken pen different than the chicken coop? And if not, does this mean we’ll be seeing a lot of recipes featuring chicken in the near future?

    I’m not sure how salt resistant they are, but Lombardi Poplars make a great screen. And they grow fast. Again, no clue about salt tolerance.

  3. themac

    Build a fence – it’ll be salt proof. Then on the other side that faces you, you can plant vines that climb up the fence.

  4. you are doing what i SHOULD do,… make a list! Way to GO!

  5. Forget about chickens. I love croquet. We played it for hours in my neighborhood when we were kids.

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