Adirondack Ghosts, or Light Emitting Diodes?

Oh, great.

Now, I’m one of those people. I’ve always been interested in ghosts, and I read plenty of (supposedly) real life ghost stories. I would like to believe the witnesses. And I think I do, mostly. But, there’s also an element of, “Oh, yeah. Right. Sure you saw something.” Well, guess what?

I saw something.

You might remember that last Summer, I thought I had some sort of indistinct impression of a girl and a old guy at a workbench in my backyard. That was indistinct. Could have been my imagination. That’s one thing. But what I have recently seen twice is another thing entirely.

Coming back from Plattsburgh the other evening, we decided to go through Vermontville and Bloomingdale, rather than taking the Onchiota turn. This takes us past the graveyard in Vermontville. I had forgotten about it, until I saw those little blue lights again. Little blue lights at or above many of the graves there. I’d say a few dozen. Perfectly distinct. Bright enough that they caught my attention. They looked so much like blue/white LEDs that I actually considered that hypothesis. Until I asked myself, “Why would several-but-not-all of the graves in the Vermontville cemetery have LEDs on them?” But that’s exactly what they looked like. Organized. In rows. (Ish.) Sort of like the LEDs in the photo, only without the glimmer.

A few miles after that, we passed our own cemetery, in Brighton. I thought, “How weird that was. I’ll look in our cemetery too, to see if I notice anything.” I saw the same little dotty blue glow, but here in Brighton, only one, maybe two dots. Way, way back on the South end, in the back corner. Just like last time. I have seen these same lights, awake and clear-headed, twice.

Adirondack Ghosts, or light emitting diodes? Another type of anomaly?

My neighbor friend and I just went over it. He’s a scientist. (Seriously.) Some new-fangled cemetery accessory? Doubtful, and kind of silly. A weird granite-based reflection from headlights? Nope. Our lights weren’t facing the stones, and it doesn’t happen other places. Some sort of Spring-thaw-gas-from-the-ground thing? Doubtful. This is our first Spring here, and I saw the same lights during the Fall. We’re stumped.

I guess, as much as I am a ghost person, I want there to be a physical explanation.

I’m going to leave it in your hands, friends.



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6 responses to “Adirondack Ghosts, or Light Emitting Diodes?

  1. lois

    could they be the small solar powered lights that people have now started putting, not only out in their yards, but by their loved ones headstones?

  2. I have never seen it outside the North Country, but lots of folks do put blue solar powered lights next to the graves up here….

  3. themac

    Huh. I’ve seen it too but only in the Vermontville Cemetary. I thought they were a Catholic thing…

  4. if I send you 20 bucks will you send me some of those pills you’re taking? I want to see little blue lights too.

  5. I agree with the others, it’s those little solar-powered lights that are all the rage now for putting on graves. I can’t figure it–the residents certainly don’t need light to see by, do they? Maybe there’s something I don’t know, but I kind of figured spirits could see in the dark…

  6. Oh, honey, the Adirondacks are *absolutely* haunted!! Of course, it may be all in my overactive memory…it’s been quite some time since I’ve lived there. (Was born and raised there…left home and went to school in Westchester then moved to Los Angeles back in ’94…) Regardless, whenever I visit home I always manage to get myself spooked… 😛

    You are a fabulous writer!

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