Spring Surprises

I’m kinda getting into this videoblogging thing, aren’t I?

Spring continues to arrive – even via the mail!



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11 responses to “Spring Surprises

  1. ADKtricollie

    What’s there to say! Love all your blogs and now your video-blogging. Very cool! Going to peruse the seed website you have listed. Looks great. Spring awakening and I am just eating it up! Few more days and we change the clocks another good thing!

  2. How fun! Good mail days are the best. Especially good mail days in the SPRING. This weather is amazing!

  3. hideawayhill

    Ditto to ADKtricollie! I’m loving this weather too but I imagine we’ll see a bit of winter yet, so don’t plant those seeds too early! But we are on our way…..driveway is bare and the snow is starting to get patchy. I just hope the ice goes soon. Keep the video blogs up….they’re great! Love the “golden chicken” LOL.

  4. How fun was that? Sitting with you while you opened your goodies from the mail… 🙂 Love these little movies!

    It took me a little while to get used to it, but I like your new blog design. I like the warm green background especially. Although I do miss the ever changing header photos you had. How was the pear custard tart, btw? If it’s good, share your recipe with us! 🙂

  5. Kate

    Winter squash is like acorn or butternut or hubbard. It’s not a specific kind of squash, but any kind of hard-shelled squash that can be stored over the winter. Summer squash are soft-skinned, like zucchini or yellow squash.

    I love all squash — can you tell?

  6. Hey neighbor, …Love your movie!

  7. Okay, Kate. Now I know what I don’t need to plant! LOL! I HATE winter squash! (I do adore Summer squash though!)

  8. themac

    I cannot wait to stop at your roadside stand this summer!!!!

  9. Kate

    How can you hate winter squash? Cut an acorn squash in half, scoop out seeds, put in butter and pumpkin pie spice and bake. Tell me that’s not a little slice of heaven! And I make the most awesome butternut-squash chili.

  10. Pat

    Hey…If this is your Easy Peasey Navy Bean Soup Recipe, I tried it last week while the weather was still cold and it was absolutely wonderful! I think I’ll try bacon next time. Thanks! Pat/Texas

  11. Same Stuff, Pat. I just substituted bacon this week. I think I liked it better with bacon, mostly because I prefer the little pieces of bacon to the ham chunks. I love that recipe!

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