It’s muddy. And warmish.

Yes, yes, I’m obliged to repeat “of course it’s going to snow again,” and “we’re not out of the woods yet,” and all manner of Spring naysayings. You’re not really allowed to mention nice weather around here until well into May. (Someone actually sort of freaked out on me a little bit when I said, “This warm weather seems to be sticking.”) However, with the next two weeks forecasted as sunny and headed for 50F, why not be an optimist?

Thought it was about time for another video blog. Nothing much going on. Oh, wait! I almost forgot – a blog renovation. Thought something cheerier might usher in Spring nicely. Hope you enjoy the redesign. Check out the Gallery – I changed the pics, and the new template allows me to post bigger photos. You know, I thought my link list of friends was a bit long and maybe out of date. So, as I try to do every week or so, I visited every blog on the list, stopping to chat at many. Know what I realized? I really am in touch with each of those bloggers! Awesome.

As for the vidblog – Mud, a visit with the chickens, a few Spring plans. You have a great day too!



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8 responses to “Mud

  1. yep, definitely looks like green grass growing at your blog. a welcome sight for sure! Happy Spring! (I know, I know,…. we WILL get another snowstorm but it will be a soggy one and disappear quickly!)

  2. Of course there will be another round or two of nasty weather. But you’re past the weeks and weeks of dark and below zero. I think you’re allowed to say hello there to both mud and spring. Just don’t expect your flowers yet.

  3. Irish45

    Hi Smallpines, We have grass showing! How about that? Here in the lower foothills we normally have snowpiles as high as the hood of my car. But that is not in an El Nino winter, like we are having. It is around 50 here which we are grateful for after several months of bitter cold weather that ate up our oil. So, since I have lived there, and live here now, I can tell you that if you wait l0 min. the weather will change and you shouldn’t give it a thought. Good weather season up there is 2 weeks later than here and Fall comes 2 weeks earlier than here. I am glad for what we have and still remember what it was like there. Good places – good friends and family, they are all that matters. IRISH45. Catch my blog (penmom)

  4. Love the new Spring look of the blog!

    You have so much space. A log barn sounds like a great idea.

  5. love the all the green on the blog and your piano whisping throughout. If you run our of mud, we have plenty to spare. Yes, the girls would love a pole house.

  6. Your blog looks good! And I love the pages and the pictures! And of course the vidblog is great too!

    In the foothills of the Adirondacks we’ve still got snow, but it’s consolidated down a lot. And most of the mud is in the driveway. But it’s not bad enough to sink the car. LOL The glaciers built up by the plows and the snow at the edge of the woods often stay till the middle of April. Spring doesn’t come officially till the Peepers start singing. I love their music!

  7. Oh, I love this new theme!

    I am very wary of this nice weather, isn’t that a shame? I expect an avalanche of snow to come bounding from the skies, stlll. Of course, I am *hoping* this is it, that spring is here. I’m amazed that so many of us are afflicted with spring fever so soon and so severely! Some folks west of us (Ohio) have crocus already!!

  8. I do love the redesign! Feeling like redesigning myself, but I fear I’m too much of a slacker.

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