Sure Signs

Well, we may very well indeed get another snow storm to round out the Winter.

But yesterday, in this little village in the Northern Adirondacks, it was undoubtedly Spring. There’s no arguing the point. What else am I to think when all the obvious signs are in place? The driveway is clear. It’s over 40 degrees, the Sun is super bright, and I had a need for sunglasses yesterday. The snow is melting, and the grass is showing. Sounds like Spring, no? Further evidence? Isn’t it Spring when the first hotdogs start showing up out in the yard? Well, there wasn’t a grill, but there was a helluva hot dog. This is what I saw when I looked out my window yesterday afternoon.



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3 responses to “Sure Signs

  1. Um…and you were so shocked at seeing the giant hotdog that it caused you to spontaneously change your theme?

    Very springy!

  2. themac

    So jealous!!! You have mud when all I have is snow and ice. I must live on the wrong side of the street!

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