Creative Vegetablazation

For myself, Spring means that I can start seeds indoors and go outside without a heavy coat. 30s/40s. My Spring is more of a state of mind. A prelude to Summer. Therefore, even in the frozen North, I will be celebrating the official First Day later this month.

So there.

I took a walk around the joint today, thinking about what I might like to plant where. In about two weeks, I can begin some of my indoor seed starting. I remembered that I hadn’t shared any pic of the place in quite a while. Being as we still have 3′ snow drifts, I didn’t exactly have unprecedented access. But I got a few snaps in.

This is the “Community Fence” the neighbor and I put in together. (Her place is on the other side, on the left.) I put a few salvaged day lilys in under the fence before winter, and I was thinking that my sunflower forest might be awesome behind the fence, stretching off to the right, some vegetables at their feet. I’m totally into doing the whole vegetables-as-ornaments thing this year.

I planted a ton of lupins (or, lupine) up on the little hill, behind the carriage and the trees. Rhubarb too. Hopefully it will all come up nicely, along with the mint that was doing well last season. The mint did very well in the dappled shade, so I’m thinking of trying some other shade-friendly herbs back there this season.

This pile of 120 year old salvaged logs and beams (we found the base of a log cabin under the old house) needs to become a pole barn. I’d like something more barn-like for the hens, and I need storage space besides. I’m still trying to decide whether I want to do it myself, or have a Pole Barn Raising.

Need to get some more trees put in too. This is the view from the street side. (Although the street is about 30 feet behind where I’m standing.) I’d like to bring that line of trees around front – enclose the property a little more, so it’s not so completely public.

Our little copse in the back corner. The neighbor and I started cleaning this up some last year, cutting brush. I took some firewood out last month. But I’d like to clean it out some more and get a bench back in there. Make it nice. And those dead tamaracks need attention.

That’s the plan so far. I can start seeds in a few weeks, so that’ll occupy me. How’s things at your place? Any garden plans? Up Next – A blog feature on a really neat seed supply company that I found!

* * *

Miss Mona wants a new barn!



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6 responses to “Creative Vegetablazation

  1. do the Pole Barn Raising for sure, on a pretty day have a big cookout

  2. Last year I was so anxious for spring that I started my indoor seeds on March 1. Big mistake. Spring came late and most of those seedlings ended up weak and stringy. I’m restraining myself this year.

    Carolyn H

  3. Greetings Ms. Mona! Looking lovely you sweet chick! I was actually wandering around the back yard this afternoon in the sunshine. And there it was… a robin! Spring is really almost here. My rock garden is out of control so that is the only goal for this year. I don’t want to set to many goals and then feel like a failure.

  4. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but it will be gorgeous when you’re done. I love the idea of sunflowers and veggies together. And a pole barn raising sounds like fun.

    Like you, I’m standing in front of the calendar, clutching seed packets, whimpering softly and watching the snow.

  5. themac

    LOVE the idea of a pole barn! You’ll need it to store off season/building materials. I can’t wait to see your beautiful gardens and your plans for where and when to place the foundation of your future home. What an exciting time of year!!

  6. Exactly as I was thinking, Mac. As it is, my shovels and hoes and rakes and wheelbarrow stayed outside all Winter, because I had to place to put them. And the closet in the cabin is so full of chainsaws and toolboxes and such, you can’t get something out without everything falling on your head!

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