The Power of Positive Thinking

or,  “The Power to Completely Delude Yourself”

You might have noticed that my header image has been changed to a photo of Summer vegetables. It’s part of my plot, you see. If for the next six to eight weeks I involve myself in Spring and Summer planning, I’ll hardly notice the rest of Winter. I don’t mind Winter per se. I’m just ready for Spring.

Besides a pole barn to plan and some landscaping, I need to plan my whole new vegetable garden concept. A few more vegetables to decide on, a few lists to make. Whole different concept this year. No big raised beds. I don’t know quite why, but I hated the thing. Instead, I’m going to plant everything in individual containers (old tin washtubs, terracotta pots). I’ll have a few pyramids for beans and peas too. This way, I can scatter them around the property as ornamental plantings. A la –



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6 responses to “The Power of Positive Thinking

  1. ADKtricollie

    That’s what we do. We have no beds for our vegetables. Any fruit, vegetables or herbs we plant, we have in containers and pots. You can move them around as you please, they look nice and if (like last spring) we have frost warnings, you can place them in a wheel barrel and transport them to a secure area overnight. Also, another idea that my husband did, was place
    4 x4 posts in the ground. He stained them, added fence caps and fancy hanger plant hooks from local hardware store and hung the upside down tomatoes. You can hang pansies before the veggie season starts from the hooks and mums in the fall after the veggie season is done and bird feeders/suet feeders in the winter.

  2. ADKtricollie

    P.S. I sent you via email a quick pic of one of the posts my hub made just to give you an idea.

  3. Enjoy the planning. I think it is half the fun. lol! I love my raised beds, but also like the container idea. Like you, I am very ready for spring!

  4. Nice idea, SP, I could have a couple pots on the deck, hmmmm…. now you have me thinking.

  5. I’ve been leaning towards a container garden this year as well. I’ve got plenty of space on the deck and, at least in theory, it seems like a container garden would be easier to protect from critters and frost. I love the post idea, ADKtricollie – sounds neat and I’m dying to try hanging tomatoes this year.

  6. I am so ready for Spring! Seems like this winter has been longer than most. I love the idea of the containers, but I need to grow food in volume. I’m basicaly growing for 11 people around here, mostly older folks who aren’t able to have a garden of their own anymore.

    I want to spiff the Farmette up though after all the ugly growing pains it has been going through this winter, so I’m loving the idea of the containers for ornamentals.

    I found this cottage plan several years ago. and if I had built from scratch I would have used it. It’s only 952 square feet and I love the fact that it has no load bearing interior walls, so you can basically do anything you want with the inside.

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