The Virtual Vacation

I find that when I am reading a particular subject, I am largely transported there for some days. It’s gotten to the point where I really have a great deal of fun deciding, “I’m going to England this week.” I stop by the library, grab a few books, and I’m off.

I checked out the Fodor’s Guide to London a few weeks ago. I remember really loving the Fodor’s New York as a kid, so I thought I might like it. Interesting enough, but it was really pretty dry. I think I was really looking more for English Countryside than London. And it didn’t quite immerse me in the UK like I would have liked.

However, last week I checked out Turn Left at the Pub, Walking Tours of the English Countryside. Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

I’ve found that I’m in love with the village of Lower Slaughter. Get this – In Lower Slaughter, a stream runs down the middle of town, with the shops and homes set just a few yards back. Almost seems as if the stream were the High Street. (Pictured.) Awesome.

Next week, I’m going to Provence. Where do you go on Virtual Vacation?



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3 responses to “The Virtual Vacation

  1. You have to ask? Where YOU are. The ADKs. Sigh. LOL.

  2. Susannah

    Saranack Lake, NY

  3. Google Earth or google maps, especially in places where they have street view, is great for virtual vacations. I’ve been in Paris this week, checking out my nephew’s new neighborhood–he’s studying there this semester.


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