Two Little Wires

You know who my hero is, Friends?

Adirondack View. We met for coffee in Lake Placid yesterday, and she brought along a spare RV pump. Isn’t that awesome? (We RV people stick together.) You might remember that our pump quit a week-and-a-half ago. We’ve been Laura Ingalls Wilder-ing it. So, we the potential promise of real-life actual showers, indoor plumbing, and  not having to heat water on the stove – I grabbed the thing and crawled into the RV hatch this morning. (As if I were a 90-pound contortionist.)

Pretty straightforward, two wires, one water line in, one out, pressure switch attached to the pump. Worst part of it was really working in the tiny enclosed space, laying on my stomach. But, with minor wear and tear on my knuckles (and quite a bit of water all over the place), I got it in. I then came inside, turned on the hot water heater, made sure everything worked, brewed some coffee, and wrote this blog post, anticipating my first proper shower in 12 days. Can we get by without a running water? Sure. But it certainly makes things a lot more comfortable. Okay, eminently more comfortable. All that nirvana, just from attaching two little wires.

So, it’s a pretty awesome day here at The Pines. Tomorrow, I’ll do a round up of all the cabin info folks offered in the last post. Be sure to appreciate that indoor plumbing and hot shower, Friends!

You have a great day too!



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3 responses to “Two Little Wires

  1. Corky

    I am so glad you have your water back. Now if we just did.
    Our solution is to just go off and forget it as soon as we can. LOL!
    We will have a shower in the motor home. And running water too. YAY!
    By the way…they are sending a search party for you over on the circle. Just sayin….

  2. Congratulations! I wish a well pump were that easy.

    Carolyn h.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad the pump worked. I knew it was working when it was replaced as we later found out it was a different issue, not the pump. So I tucked the “old” pump in the box and kept it. Glad I did!

    p.s….. Special thanks to “the girls” for the dozen eggs!

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