Sylvan Summer

Thirty-one days ’till Spring, and plenty to think about.

I have a Spring dream. Each night for the past two, actually. We’re right here at home, inside. There’s a sense of Spring rushing in, as if the Spring changeover and greening were going to take a mere two hours. I worry about a (fictional) large patch of ferns. They’re peeking up through the mossy ground. In the dream, I’ve been adding little buildings – the shed, the chicken run – and I worry about the ferns having enough aesthetic space … enough room to really look great. In the dream, I also fret a bit about the lupins coming up. It’s a Design Dream, I suppose.

I’ve been thinking. Thirty-one days to Spring, and the job market is still pretty iffy. I have work for Summer, but nothing now, and we’re hardly ahead of the financial game.  So, I’m thinking, “We’re certainly not building a house and taking on a loan now.” And really, the RV doesn’t bother us a bit.

So maybe, in lieu of building, I could take this Summer to really make the place look beautiful. Plant a tree screen. Add more perennials. Line the driveway with the 12×12 beams I saved. Use the vintage logs to build a nice pole barn for the chickybabes. Heck, I could even upgrade a few things in the RV. Really make the place look gorgeous. I really think it’s just about the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard –  Take the pressure off, and have a total Sylvan Summer.

I keep a file of photos on my computer – an electronic version of a “dream book” full of magazine clippings. None of the photos are specific. That is, I wouldn’t replicate them directly.

They’re really just impressions of what I like. I like to say, “Not exactly this, but this sort of thing. This feeling.” Pics today are from the “dream book.”

I know I have a habit of trying to turn bads into goods. The Book of Life has served up plenty lately. But I’m really pretty sold on this particular chapter.



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7 responses to “Sylvan Summer

  1. Meredith

    make it so! I cannot wait for spring either and find myself having similar dreams….

  2. the mac

    LOVE all these beautiful pics!! I planted ferns in one of my gardens last year. I hope they come up this year!

  3. That first photo is absolutely stunning. I had a hard time reading the post and looking at the other photos, because I was SO fixated on that photo.

    Hoh boy, I guess I have cabin fever BIG TIME.

    It’s coming! Soon, we hope!

  4. I love that first pic too, MM. As you can see, I love garden “rooms.” Need to really start creating some.

  5. I could hang out in that first pic for a long, hot summer afternoon. Lovely. And,… did you get your water pump issue resolved? I found my rv water pump, and it is yours for the having,.. just need to connect to get it to you.

  6. Cedar – No, we’re still on the bucket brigade system. And our beloved local RV place … grrr … is barely open any hours at all. I would love the pump – thanks. I’ll email you. Maybe we can meet for coffee or something in LP? I ask J about the schedule tonight.

  7. I burn, I pine, I perish! I love those pictures! That’s exactly the thing I would love to do at our place… if I wasn’t lazy, with a black thumb. On second thought, I’ll just look at those pictures and pretend.

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