Express Train to Wonkyville

Hey, friends! I hope you’ll pardon the incoherence of this post, if indeed it needs pardoned.

You see, I started my Chantix prescription this morning.  I need to quit smoking – for good this time. The stuff has totally got my head spinning. I’m really feeling quite wonky.

I had an awesome Winter Carnival weekend (due in large part to our local police, who don’t get thanked enough).

Saturday morning. Starting positions for the parade back up Route 86 for quite a ways. Which we forgot about. After about ten minutes of sitting bumper to bumper in the Route 86 Parking Lot, we were getting nowhere fast, and we needed gas. Turned around, grabbed some petrol in Gabriels, and went to Saranac Lake via Bloomingdale.

During our turnaround, we witnessed a lady stopped in the middle of the highway, on the wrong side of a steep hill … taking pictures of the mountains. Cars quickly braked and lined up ten deep behind her. Another person – Wrong side of a hill, no shoulder, walking the dog. At the time, the two incidents were alarming, but they’ve faded into “amusing” in the post-Carnival haze. All told – We got through the Dale and met friends for the parade, on time.

Sunday morning took me to church to do some ivory-tickling, and then across the street to another church (it is called Church Street) to warm up for the Fifteenth Annual Winter Carnival Baroque Concert. Lovely concert in the lovely Methodist Church Sanctuary. Some amazing musicians, including Elaine, our orchestra Concert Mistress – amazing – on the Cinema Paradiso piece. I only squeaked a little on the clarinet during the march, and Joey and I shook the classical crowd up a little bit with our showtune/hoedown/swing/kitchen-sink four-handed piano duet.

Monday was rest and a dinner party with another group of visiting friends – got back at 11pm … way past my bedtime! Tuesday is Chantix Side Effects Day. Wonky.

Ah, well. At least I have an excuse to lie down for a while.



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6 responses to “Express Train to Wonkyville

  1. hideawayhill

    Glad it was such a good weekend for you. Good luck on quitting. You can do it! You’ll feel better and save so much money! 10 years and holding…..

  2. Glad you had such fun at Winter Carnival! I’d love to go some year – sounds like so much fun!

    Congrats on the decision to quit smoking – YOU CAN DO IT! Keep us posted on how you’re doing – you know we’re always here for encouragement and support!

  3. Glad you had a good weekend at Carnival… and I’m so glad that you are quitting smoking. Thank you! Your friends want you around for a long time!

  4. Imagine the whole Gettysburg Family cheering you on- pom-poms and all. Oh, damn it. Greeley just hit Atlee on the head with hers. Argh! Shea wants to know if he can play DS already. Never mind. Call Mac. She was a cheerleader and Blake’s easier to wrangle since there’s only one of him.

    Good luck!

  5. try to remember not to transfer one addiction such as smoking to something else like food.

  6. reneé

    yeah! for quitting smoking…your hiking, snow-shoveling and generally-adirondacky lungs will thank you.
    i’ve heard great things about chantix and have had many clients successfully quit after a lifetime of smoking.
    good luck 🙂

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