Little RV On the Prairie

Funny, it doesn’t bother me.

I can’t call disaster just yet, but what I know is this – the water pump quit on Wednesday. No running water. As I was taking a shower. (Mercifully, I didn’t have a head full of shampoo.) No warning, no funny sounds, just plain quit. Haven’t looked at it yet, so I can’t rule out an easy fix. Doubt it though. (I’m quickly learning that nothing around here is easy.) So, later today, I’ll open the hatch and climb in to see what I can see. Maybe a coupling came loose or something. Worst case scenario, replace the pump, which is pretty easy. Anyhow. I couldn’t check it yesterday, because I had to be out of the house at 7am, and got back at 10pm. What have we been doing to keep clean in the interim? Ah, that’s the entertaining part.

We commandeered one of the clean 45 gallon trash cans, and filled it with water outside the front door. We get out a few big pots, fill ’em up, and heat them on the stove(s) a la Laura Ingalls Wilder. Takes maybe ten minutes. Then we stand in the shower and dump hot water on ourselves. Toilet? We keep a jug of water on the counter and fill it up. Kitchen sink? Again, pot of hot water. And you know, I honestly don’t see much of a difference. Heating the water is not that big a deal. And, as I mentioned, it doesn’t bother me. In fact, I’m a little afraid that I might actually like it. I’m considering just letting it go until Spring and fixing it then.

Which, I suppose, makes me a weirdo.



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9 responses to “Little RV On the Prairie

  1. hideawayhill

    That was my life for 8 years….and that was after we got the hand pump. You learn to conserve and be creative, and when you get running hot water you appreciate it more. (And you also learn where there are shower facilities.) šŸ™‚

  2. Ouch,… even when camping I don’t want to go without my running water. So if you were using it when it quit I guess we can rule out that it’s frozen. I’ll get back to you,… I think I have a fairly new rv pump here and you can have it,… an excuse to gtg!

  3. Corky

    I can’t call you a weirdo as that is exactly what we are doing here…remember.

    Our well froze up and a pipe is leaking and the electric wires have blown apart somewhere and…no water till spring.
    We are pumping from another well into buckets.
    Remember it is winter. That barrel will freeze up on you.

  4. most of the time we use the pump from the filled tank but we also can have water from the outside (bypassing the pump) although the pressure isn’t as good, but you can’t do that? just checking. Sounds like you have the right attitude. I always like to think we can survive on a lot less if need be.

  5. Mike reminded me that we use this heated hose

    if you have good pressure from the outside, you may decide you like this better, then you don’t have to fill the tank and use a pump

  6. Joanna – We were doing exactly that – running the water from the filled tank. I tried using the outside water, but the pressure was SO bad, it was nearly useless. In the Spring, we’ll probably switch to the outside pump.

    Cedar – How about next week/weekend after the Carnival crazies calm down? I have homemade wine of dubious quality! LOL

    Corky – I had to bash a hole in my “cistern” this morning with a crow bar! And my bath water is heating on the stove. =)

  7. Having the water pump go out or water pipes freeze up with my head full of shampoo is one of those things I always think about and hope never happens. Heaven knows, it’s bad enough when the water quits and all I’m doing is washing my hands. Good luck with your pump or whatever you discovered was the problem.

    Carolyn H.

  8. themac

    When we moved into our home, it was raw. Rawer than the current situation…I only had plywood floors everywhere. I ended up leaving town for 10 days so my hub count tile the kitchen floor since it’s hard to do it with a baby. I ended up having a 5 gallon bucket to empty under my sink (which was moved to the dining room) for a month!!! I wasn’t always attentive to it and sometimes it’d overflow. I was so happy when the real sink got installed!!!

    I hope you figure out the problem and it’s cheap and easy – and fixed forever~!

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