Hey, Friends! Busy Carnival week!

You know, I thought I understood Winter Carnival before, and I guess I did to a degree. Sort of. But not wholly. Carnival was founded in Saranac Lake in the late 1880s, to help relieve the ennui – the nagging sameness – of mid-Winter for the curing TB patients and the village of Saranac Lake.

And boy, does it work.

Winter Carnival is this week, and the lighting of the Ice Palace and fireworks was an awesome adventure. There’s something lovely about freezing your whosits off with hundreds of others, waiting for the first lights of Carnival to announce a week of diversions. As I mentioned a while ago, I wanted just a little something to do for Carnival, and found that small task in playing piano and clarinet with a community group – The Backwater Chamber Orchestra. Super, super fun! Remember the film, Cinema Paradiso? We’re playing the main piece from that little gem (I’m on piano), a super-fun march (I’m on clarinet), and then the awesome Joey Izzo and I are playing a four-handed rag-timey/show-tuney/hoe-downey piano duet. If you’re around on Sunday the 14th, come see the concert at the Methodist Church in Saranac Lake at 3pm. No admission, just a donation bucket.

I’ve been practicing the four-handed piece five minutes at a time. Why just five minutes? The piano is out in the freezing cabin. I’m low on wood, and I don’t want to waste a ton of wood heating the cabin up for a lousy half hour of practice. By the time I got the thing up to temp, I’d be done. So I go out five minutes at a time, practice, come back in to warm my hands up, and repeat. Eh. Doesn’t bother me.

Makes me feel a little closer to those cure patients, sitting out in the cold, freezing, healing air; anticipating Carnival weekend.



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3 responses to “PractICE

  1. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Brrrrrr….. brave soul! 🙂

  3. themac

    ohhhh, sounds great! Izzo is an amazing talented young man!

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