The February Fidgets

I totally caught the February Fidgets. It’s not much of an illness, as illnesses g0, but it’s plenty irritating. I didn’t realize the dormant bug lies in wait inside photos from previous Summers. And then when you’re looking at those old Summer photos – gotcha!

I honestly thought I had a sort of natural immunity. I’m fine with Winter – doesn’t really bother me at all. I’m totally into Winter Carnival. I actually like snow. Cold isn’t much of a problem. I thought perhaps it was just me – but it’s a downright outbreak. As I am writing this post, Amy is talking about starting sprouts, and Todd (who is an awesome guy) just mentioned on NCPR that we have 41 days until the Spring Equinox.

Perhaps most of us are catching it. Ergo, here are a few scenes from around our place that I can hardly wait to see again.



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9 responses to “The February Fidgets

  1. Agreed! As much as I am enjoying this winter, the past week or so I’ve caught myself dreaming of summer. I was hoping it wouldn’t hit me for another couple of weeks. I won’t complain too much, though, since it’s another beautiful morning ’round here.

  2. I am a natural born hermit; I stay inside most of the time. But even *I* have to admit (but I’ll have to kill you if you spread the word) that I am getting cabin fever, some. I so much want to GO somewhere .. anywhere!!! Preferably somewhere that I can get food that someone ELSE cooks.!

  3. uh huh,… it’s here too. “I wanna go camping,” she cried as she stomped her foot! šŸ˜‰

  4. ADKtricollie

    Once the holidays are over and February begins, I can’t wait for winter to be over. Though, the cold air feels good at times, the air is crisp, sun is so blue and the snow just glistens. What I also like about winter, is the “quietness” on the trails & lakes (having it all to yourself) but, I so long for Spring. I miss the flowers and birds singing etc. Although we have a bit to go, I guess at this point, we should consider this “our last rest stop” before the spring thaw & the outside work begins. (Can’t Wait!!!)

  5. I agree! Can’t wait to see the bulbs I planted last fall peeking up through the earth. Beautiful blossoms on the branches.

    We’ve been somewhat snowless down here, and I find that odd still. But it’s due to change, some “wetha” headin’ our way… and I’m hoping it’s not too bad because there’s a plane with my name on it in Boston soon!

    Stay warm! Cozy up next to the wood stove of yours.

    By the by…. the picture to the right, the one with the dog and cute little house in the snow… Where is that? Or is it “inspiration”? I like the little-ness and the quaintness of it.

  6. Hi Lynne! I planted a ton of Lupins last year – I’ve been thinking the same … can’t wait! That pic on the right – you chose the one photo on the page that is not from our place – LOL. That’s a friend’s place nearby.

  7. amy

    I’m anticipating the colors of spring and summer myself!

  8. Ok, now that is just CRUEL!!! I was doing fine until I saw those pictures. Now, 5 days ahead of schedule I am DYING for spring. (It usually hits me on Valentine’s Day.) I was looking at pictures from a family hike from last year and was heartened to see I took them in the last week of March…we were in fleeces only, basking in the sun atop Coon Mountain. And hey! March is next month!

  9. Strangely we have bulbs cropping up already and the trees are budding at our place and birds have flown back. Highly unusual as none of this happened until closer to March last year. I hope a frost doesn’t kill everything.

    Love the photos!

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