The Friday Report

Hey, friends!

Busy, awesome few days! Yesterday, my collaborator and I filmed (and posted) the first webisode for the video blog that will be following us through the process of writing a (tiny) musical about a hyper-local subject. If you ever had a hankering to see what I actually look and sound like – here’s your chance.

Had a great check up with my awesome new doctor this morning. (All systems are in good working order.) Got a prescrip for Chantix. Gotta get off those smokes. I’m going to wait until after Winter Carnival though. I’m playing in a concert. In fact I’m playing clarinet on one piece, piano on a different one, and also, an awesome young pianist and I are playing a four-handed piano duet for a third piece. Although I don’t know if you could qualify the sounds I make on a clarinet as actual “playing.” Ha! Lots to be clear-headed for though. Suffice it to say, I’ll wait until after the Baroque Concert to jump headlong into the murky waters of Chantix side effects.

And I spent two hours in the research room at the Saranac Lake Library. Had a bit of time between the doctor and the library, so I’d thought I grab a few shots. A quiet Friday morning in Saranac Lake …

Looking down Broadway, towards Mt. Pisgah. Our town ski/tubing slopes are on this side.

A favorite building of mine, St. Lukes, on the corner of Church Street

Looking down Church Street (Extension) to Pisgah – the old Trudeau Sanatarium sits on this side.

My final destination – our charming little Library. Amazing how they are able to pack so much into that building! There’s a huge town history archive and a wildlife museum in there … besides the main floor circulating section!



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4 responses to “The Friday Report

  1. Kate

    Love the pix! Keep ’em coming …

  2. glad you had a great day around town,… i’m home sick with another hard chest cold and laryngitis. oh well……

  3. Sandy

    What great pictures! So pretty that they look unreal. Lucky you to live there. Have fun at your concerts.

    And about quitting smoking, in my experience, a person doesn’t realize that once you get past the cravings, you will reach a point where you’re not interested in smoking any more. Just have faith that this point exists, then just wait for it to happen. It will happen.

  4. Yeaaah to quitting smoking. I feel so much better for it. I can actually smell things again and the blood goes to my fingers and toes once more. Good circulation is nice! And the money we’re saving! Holy cow! To keep your hands busy: Knit, knit, knit. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way!

    What rhymes with tuberculosis? It seems like it might be like rhyming orange.

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