The Pines Wines

Hey, guys! Thanks for reminding to update about the homemade wine! If you’re not savvy, look down a few posts. The video is really rather entertaining.

You guys actually reminded me to go back and taste it! I had put it in a dark, cool place like I was supposed too, and forgot about it. However, I did strain it (through coffee filters – thanks Mac) on the tenth day. Stuck it away, and lo-and-behold, it cleared up even more. And it tastes pretty dang good, even after only a few weeks since making it. (Evidence of the fact is in the photo – It used to be full to the top.) That is to say – I actually like it, and not just because I made it. I compare my homemade apple version to something like a pinot.

So, being as we’re poor as church mice this bills-coming-due week, we’ll skip the drinks store, and indulge in the homemade stuff tonight. How much did I say it cost? About $2.50 for two-bottles worth?!




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6 responses to “The Pines Wines

  1. hideawayhill

    I’m glad it came out ok and that you like it! Now that you are a seasoned veteran wine maker, start saving those summer berries as they ripen. My neighbor took some elderberries from our bush one year and the wine was delish!

  2. ADKtricollie

    Like the pic with the wine & the eggs. You cannot get any more “buy local” than that. Your homemade wine & fresh eggs by your girls. Enjoy!

  3. Rock on SP,… nothing like a little brew on a Friday night!

  4. I love this! Glad it turned out for you. Think I’ll have to try it soon.

  5. Your wine brings back memories of my dad. He would make alcohol out of anything that would ferment. Being a Bad Girl, I hauled more than one quart jar of the stuff to high school events! Hope you enjoy it!

  6. themac

    YUMmmm! Love the thought of homemade wine AND eggs! I’m so happy it worked out and you didn’t have to vent the bottle – ?? Not afraid of bombs in Gabes?

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