Music Monday?

Oh, wait. It’s Wednesday. I’ve been (happily) buried in music since Monday, so it feels like one single, long, toodley-toot day.

My first piano student comes today – a kid I know well. Think he might be quite good! Hope so! Also hope the word will spread. I’m going to do some mentioning around and chatting it up this weekend. I’ve been cleaning the RV and the cabin/studio/thing in anticipation. Iron Out, anyone?

Finally joined the Community Orchestra (for real this time), and I need to find time to practice for that too. We have a concert coming up for Winter Carnival. Rehearsal again tomorrow evening.

And the biggee … I am twenty-four pages into writing the score and book for a new musical. A tiny one. Very small. Awesome. We’re reading the chunk I have down on paper tomorrow. I’d say I probably have half-a-first-act written down. I’m not quite at liberty to say what this is all about just yet, but I’ll leave you with this –

1. The topic and story of the show is very, very local.

2. It’s set in the mid-1920s.

3. We’re going to be creating a video blog, so folks can watch the progress of putting a small musical together from the ground up. That is, I’ll have a separate blog for the show. Awesome. Being as it’s a local story, I’m really excited about that part of the project.

4. The big announce is Monday! (There used to be a preview of the music below, but after a meeting, we decided to make some changes – had to take it down. Sorry. However – more to come Monday!)



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7 responses to “Music Monday?

  1. Ellen

    Love the music! I look forward to the video blog!

  2. hideawayhill

    The music is great! I too will look forward to the video blog, and the culmination of it all!

  3. Whoooeeee…. you are a busy guy! 🙂

  4. About patients who cured at the Trudeau Sanitorium? That really is a good idea. Lot’s of hanky-panky when on in that place. Lot’s of patients ended up marrying each other and staying in the area. I can see lots of material for a good musical.

  5. Your “toodley-toot day” comment made me think of the children’s book “The Remarkable Farkle McBride” — if you don’t know it, it’s worth a trip to the library! I think you’ll enjoy.

  6. WOW! You gave me the (good ) chills!!! You are amazing!!!(ps- how did the wine turn out? Did i miss it?)

  7. hideawayhill

    Oh yeah….the wine! Forgot about that. How about an update?

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