The Big Melt

Well, friends, I do fear for the fate of the half-built Saranac Lake Ice Palace. TourPro suggested they cover it with giant tarps. I don’t think that’s such a bad idea. For all I know, they have. Haven’t been into town this morning. We’re thinking of you, Ice Palace!

It is melting around here, folks. 50F, and raining. My five foot snowbanks are down to about three feet. The roofs are clear. The chicken coop roof is about clear at this point. The cabin had about 18 inches of snow and ice yesterday. I took this photo of the cabin roof early this morning – it’s completely clear now that the rain is coming down.

The RV roof is completely clear – no ice now, no snow. I guess that’s a good thing. A day of rain is a small price to pay, I suppose.

The yard (which I shovel for the dog anyway) had about a one or two-inch base, but that’s gone now too. That little White Pine used to be buried just about to the top. The yard (and the short downhill stretch to the chicken house) was water-on-ice when I went out this morning. It’s a bit better now, softened up by the rain. Realizing that I would be staying inside today, I decided to go over to the store to get some butter. Gonna make an applesauce cake. I think it probably took me five minutes to skitter my way up the pictured path and over to the store – almost lost it a time or two.

Speaking of – You missed a spectacular slip-and-fall performance this morning. On my way out to wake up the chickens and put them out in the pen … yeah, I did it. I might have actually been airborne for a few seconds there. ShOOOO – up in the air backwards … plop. Followed by imagined applause as I lied there staring at an Adirondack sky. While I was carrying a big scoop full of chicken feed and carrying a jug of water. The two people I’ve seen so far this morning also indulged in the Early-Morning-Slip-and-Fall. I’ll leave you with the evidence. See that pile of chicken feed and the water jug cap? This was the site of my comic performance.



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7 responses to “The Big Melt

  1. yeah, I’ve slipped and been on my butt more than once this winter, it’d mudville here now, but cold is coming back, snow Friday.

  2. hideawayhill

    Your path looks like it does here, including my quarter mile hill of a driveway. Unless it melts completely, I’d rather see snow. 😦 I’ll have to take a test drive before I actually have to go anywhere.

  3. amy

    I fell down our drive this year once already. Always get a little embarrased but what ya gonna do? Glad you didn’t hurt yourself.

  4. I’m surprised you don’t own a pair of the Yak Trax… After my first couple of FALLS I went right out and bought a pair, THEN I went on line and bought another TWO pairs…One each for both of my daughters….Less expensive when you buy the two pair on line…their just wonderful on Snow & Ice…
    Look them up and try them. I just leave them on my boots or whatever…

    Hope you’ve had enough RAIN, Pretty Windy down here in Ct. with quite the number of BIG branches coming down!!!
    Good Luck with the ‘Ice Palace’…

  5. Another vote for a pair of crampons. We had a family friend who actually died because he slipped on ice while walking the dog- hit his head and died. Strongly recommend the crampons. You’ll get your money’s worth over the next thirty years!

  6. Be careful out there on that icy path,… now is no time to be laid up with a broken bone!… one of the hazards of winter in the daks.

  7. Maybe you can find your lost cell phone now.

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