Ice Palace Photos 01.23.09

It’s going up folks … and quickly!

The Ice Palace (centerpiece of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival) is rising pretty quickly! Thanks to all the volunteers that are out there working on it. Looks gorgeous already! We made a visit down to the water today between errands. Got mistaken for a tourist, I guess because I was taking photos. Ha! You’re totally on Candid Camera. Here’s Satuday’s progress, folks …

A view of the entire footprint

Man and Machine

Pulling blocks from the lake

The view across the frozen lake



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6 responses to “Ice Palace Photos 01.23.09

  1. Was hoping they could get it built before the rain hits.

  2. ADKtricollie

    Was there today (Saturday). The castle is coming along so nicely. Lots of people working on it and not to mention that blue sky was absolutely awesome! (Love it when it’s done & it’s lit up!) We have been a Saranac Lake Ice Castle Spectator for over twenty years!

  3. ADKtricollie

    P.S. Had some subs & pizza “to go” from Little Italy & watched it transform today as we ate.

  4. Irish45

    Loved the pictures of the Palace. In 1955 I was married during the Winter Carnival and went out of town at the head of the Parade as it turned onto River St. Terrific. I try to go back each year and may make it this year. Let’s hope so.IRISH 45

  5. Wow! Look at the color of that sky.

  6. singalto

    LOVE these pics..can’t wait to be there for the last weekend of carnival! I sure had a blast last year. I was a student at SUNY Potsdam in the early 80’s and learned what a gem the ice palace in Saranac Lake is during that time. So glad to be able to reconnect again. Keep that blue sky…

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