The Adirondack Jib Market

When multiple friends remark about how quickly you returned an email, it’s time to go out and find a jib.

You know how a friend says something that sticks with you? My friend Juli once thought she might go out to find a regular jib, in addition to continuing to create her awesome artwork. The term stuck. Seems an apt term too, to a freelancer like me … jib. Makes it sound a little unusual. And besides, I have thing for nonsense words. Awesome.

I just want a little, no-big-deal jib. Something like making sandwiches or cleaning cabins, maybe. Or working at a motel desk. I just want a little something to do. I’m to the point where I don’t want to hang around here all day. Well, that’s not all of the story. Having a little more money around here to buy a new car would be nice. Dare I mention it would be nice to toss around some disposable income?

So. Time to look for a jib. I might draw the line at pouring slag or wearing a humiliating uniform, but otherwise, I’m open to anything. (I guess I would have to be, considering my only skills are being nice to people, cooking, cleaning, and playing the piano.)

However – Hold your horses. Have I ever mentioned that I was pick-pocketed in the city, and that all my ID went with the wallet? Yeah, you see where I’m going here. So, I started that process today too. Ever have to replace your ID without ID? I don’t recommend it. In fact, it’s a total weeks-long thing.

Anyhow. Working on that part. It’ll take a bit of time. Meanwhile, I thought I would like to see what’s out there, and I bought our local Adirondack Daily Enterprise to check out the classifieds. Very encouraging! For me, anyway. No, there were really no career sorts of job listed. At all. But, there were more than a few “Regular Jobs.” That’s what my Grandmother used to call them. Here’s a sampling, and my personal ratings.

Bagel/Sandwich Maker – Totally. I could do that.

Motel Housekeeper – Actually, I’d love it. But I don’t think they’d hire a guy.

Animal Hospital Receptionist – Hmmmm. Maybe.

Store Clerk in Small Shop – You betcha!

School Janitor – I try to stay away from archetypes.

Sears Sales Associate – In our little lawn-and-garden Sears? Awesome!


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8 responses to “The Adirondack Jib Market

  1. Animal Hospital Receptionist ! Free Vet care and meet animals-lovers.

    In the past I thought you said you worked at a welcome center or was that another blog?

    Jib doesn’t sound like it pays as much as a job.

  2. ADKtricollie

    I am right there with you. Actually in the near future, I will be looking for a “jab” myself.

  3. How about applying for a music teacher sub job at the local schools? They also have other sub type jobs that you could do.

  4. and here I thought you were buying sails for a sailboat! hee hee….. 🙂

  5. When we moved from the Adks. to PA, I had to switch my driver’s license. In order to do that I had to get my Mom to get me a new copy of my birth certificate from Glens Falls and get a copy of our wedding license from Berkeley, Ca so that I could update my social security number. It took me something like a month to get a new driver’s license. Stupid post 911 world.

  6. themac

    I see White Pines is hiring – that’s an easy commute!!

  7. Corky

    LOL! Poor Juli!
    I was reading when she made that type-o.

    So you are never going to let that one go huh?

    I hope you get the perfect jib then!!!

  8. Don’t forget to check with your local greenhouses! Most of them actually start hiring in March, and maybe by then you’ll have your identity back. 🙂

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