Charmed, I’m Sure

I find our laundromat kind of charming.

On one side of the river in Saranac Lake (town to us), most of the lots are/were occupied by old warehouses. It’s also near the railroad tracks. I can’t quite put together what might have been ideal about the warehouses being on such a tiny river, but there must have been something, because there they all are. Down Woodruff street and otherwise, quite a few of the old buildings have been repurposed by newer businesses like the feed store and the laundromat. The photo here is the view from the parking lot. Neat, huh?

I’m charmed by our laundromat. It’s in one of these old buildings, and it’s a little rough around the edges, as laundromats usually are, but the owners have taken particular pains to make it comfortable. It’s clean. Big tables and chairs have been set out. There’s a drink machine. It’s not cramped at all. Nice machines. Restrooms. There’s a big laundry sink for whoever needs to use it. We had to use it today. Know why? See if you can guess from the photo. A hint – This probably doesn’t happen to people in the South.

So, yep. I guess so. It’s that kind of post today – Not much going on, and just a slice of life from the weekend. I got the transmission seal leak stopped on the Jeep. Isn’t that awesome? And the whole wheel-falling-off thing? I fixed that too. I still have to put the other rims and tires on, but it’s in good shape for running errands. Trust me. I obsessively checked – Each time we stopped the car somewhere, I got out with a lug wrench, checked the wheel, and looked underneath for transmission drips. All good. As I mentioned, we’re not driving it full time anyway, but it seems to be back to normal.

So, folks. That’s the excitement. Stopped at Advance Auto for a new lug wrench, swung by the DD for coffee, put the wash in, and did the shopping at Grand Union and Aldi’s. (Evidence of the DD coffee in the photo.) Not much else going on. I finally picked my brushes and oil paints back up on Sunday, as promised. Found myself some golden silence, and did a simple painting of Whiteface Mountain as practice. I fear I actually have a style. (How you can have a style when you really don’t know what you’re doing, I have no idea.) So, it’s been pretty quiet around here.

Boring? Nah. I love it when everything goes right.



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10 responses to “Charmed, I’m Sure

  1. hideawayhill

    Sometimes those routines are very comforting…. Glad you have a driveable Jeep again. It’s hard for me to imagine being without a vehicle. So where were you keeping the laundry detergent?

  2. Glad you like your laundromat but wish you had the washer/dryer combo like I’ve got.

  3. Kat

    I’m guessing the Purex froze so you had to run hot water on it for awhile.

    Don’t worry about your style – your style will find you!

  4. I envy you your ability to fix cars that don’t work. My husband can do many, many things, but we stay on good terms with the car mechanic and the plumber.

    Did you have to sell a kidney to shop at Grand Union? I remember how happy I was when Price Chopper opened.

  5. GMom – Actually, it’s funny. We only buy soda at the GU. Shockingly, it’s cheaper there than Aldi. (3 liter bottles.) Then we go across the street and buy everything else at Aldi. Ha!

    Kat&HH – Yeah. We left the detergent in the car. It froze into a slimy, slushy blob. LOL

  6. nice day,… love the days that are just “normal”… yep I figured that you left the detergent in the car. 🙂

  7. themac

    I’ve never stepped foot in the Aldi’s. When I was in college, I went to the one in Pburgh *SHRILLS* I generally have a nice pantry with goodies on hand, and freezers full of meat.

    I hope the rumors are true: Hannaford will be taking up shop in LP!

  8. And, the laundromat is only a very short walk from the library and a real cool animal feed store.

  9. I told someone today about your website because they want to start raising a few laying hens and have no idea how to start. Maybe you could start a small chicken consultant business.

  10. Oh i would love to see the painting….??? Pretty please?????

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