The Stats

Most folks just surf right on it to The Pines, or arrive via a link.

But some do arrive here via search engines. I always like to review what folks have come to my blog searching for – the stats are always interesting, and sometimes good for a laugh, besides. (Do we just love that “crap house” is number two?) Below is a list of some of my favorites from the past year. After the search term, you’ll see the amount of folks that arrived here via that term.

We’ll let the information speak for itself.

smallpines (and variations) 1,970

crap house 72

chickens 71

ghosts 52

adirondacks 44

vegetable garden 22

homesteading 21

roadside stand 40

small fifth wheel 32

chipmunks 15

small pre built cabins 14

pickles 13

nyc apartments 12

saranac lake 11

sasparilla 11

electric meter number 10

1989 jeep cherokee 10

roadside vegetable stand 10

rv life 9

whiteface 8

adirondack winter 8

adirondack mountains 7

anatomy of a chicken 7

i hate trees 7

and finally …

man with very small pines (and variations) 37



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3 responses to “The Stats

  1. ADKtricollie

    Enjoy all of your writings and pics, no matter what your flavor of the day is!

  2. SP: I always love your posts! I am a follower so they pop up automatically on my dashboard, and I also keep your blog in favorites on my computers here at work.

  3. I’ve been thinking of doing a similar post. I’m getting hits for the oddest search words! Glad I’m not alone. **falls out of chair laughing, muttering ‘crap house and number two’**

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