Forgive Me, For I Have Zinned

Oh, ya know. You read a Facebook status update from a friend, and you end up wanting to learn how to make wine.

I wasn’t so interested in the buying-a-bunch-of-expensive-equipment method. And from a bit of study, it’s really just fermenting juice with yeast. Not that big a deal. So, I thought I might like to try this the way a resident of my village might have done it a century ago – with stuff found around the house. If any blog friends and readers want to try it along with me – please do! It’s cheap, fun, and super easy. We’ll all see how it turns out together. And heck, as The Mac and I were saying, if it’s crap, it only cost a few bucks.

Do I have any idea what kind of proof this stuff is going to be? Nope. If you have some experience with country-style wine brewing – let me know.

It’s a great day here! You have a great day too!


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10 responses to “Forgive Me, For I Have Zinned

  1. Well that was interesting! I’m very curious to see how that comes out. My husband has made his own beer many times – he has a “Mr. Beer” kit for home use, but we’ve also gone and made beer at a facility with “real” equipment too. It’s an interesting process. Never tried to make wine though – can’t wait for “Part 2”! πŸ™‚

  2. Fermentation can only reach about 12%, then you have to start distilling.

    I recently tried some local Hard Cider. Can’t say it was a pleasant experience.

  3. hideawayhill

    I’m sure the result will be interesting to say the least. πŸ™‚

  4. My parents, as a hobby, used to make their own Port, they seemed to like it.

  5. amy

    My cousins and I tried to make grain alcohol once. It was a little rough for me. Now that’ll keep you warm in the North Country. I’m anxious to see how your wine comes out. If I decide to make it…I’ll have to remember to make sure the lid is tightly on. LOL.

  6. Hmm, technically if it’s made out of apple juice, wouldn’t it be hard cider rather than wine? Will be interested to hear how it turns out! A friend of ours tried to make hard cider last year. It wasn’t quite what he expected but it wasn’t bad.

    We make our own beer, have the equipment, etc. We buy kits; real purists use the original grain rather than malt extract as we do.

    Have always wanted to try making wine as well. Will be interested to hear how this process turns out. If it’s good, your next step would be to try it with white or red grape juice and see how close to real wine it comes out!

  7. Marie (adktricollie)

    Interesting! If nothing else, you can always use it for a marinade or add a splash to a certain sauce for some pizzaz! Wine never goes to waste in my house. Looking forward to Part II.

  8. What a brilliant idea. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  9. themac

    MMmmmm – wine! Nothing warms you better than alcohol in the winter! The hub gets to open his bday gift this weekend. I cannot wait to use it myself. I think the “local” supply store in near Albany. I may have to take a road trip to get supplies.

  10. themac

    Post watching your video: You are awesome and have such great humor!!! Is there any reason you didn’t add the sugar to the juice rather than pour some out and dissolve it? Just wondering.
    Straining it with coffee filters? How long does the world have to wait to find out how this taste??

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