Bedtime for the Girls



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13 responses to “Bedtime for the Girls

  1. Marie (adktricollie)

    Boy, you certainly do have your list of chores everyday. Love your video! Chickens look healthy & happy!

  2. LOL!! When I innocently asked for a “chicken update” yesterday I didn’t realize I’d get a whole multimedia production – AWESOME!! So fun to have a virtual visit with “the ladies” and take a little stroll around the snow paths! Glad to know the chickens are happy and doing just fine for all your hard work, thanks for the video! 😀

  3. hideawayhill

    Loved the video production! The chickens all look good, and I loved hearing the commentary on the routine at Small Pines. 🙂

  4. Thank you for taking us out to the chicken coup. We had chickens when I was growing up, but despite our country lifestyle, my hubby and I have not tried raising them here. I hope the other girls warm up to Cinnamon!

    It was nice to have your chatty narrative too!

  5. Loved the tour of the chicken coop,… we had a flock when I was a kid,.. my pet was a White Leghorn named “Sunshine”… You brought back some memories!

  6. no suggestions, everybody looks healthy and happy. loved the video, we want more!

  7. Susannah

    Absolutely love the video.

  8. Ah the happy clucks and chuckles of the girls! Nifty setup!

  9. Chrissy

    I loved seeing the chickens in their warm abode. Keep the chicken updates coming!

  10. themac

    YUMMY lookin ladies you’ve got there!!

  11. Regarding frosted combs: Ameraucanas are popular around here because they have low “pea” combs and (often) feathered faces, adaptations to the cold.

  12. I did consider Ameraucanas, but they just were not was I was looking for, egg-wise. And being a variety rather than a breed or specific cross, I wasn’t so into the unpredictability. Anyhow. I did go with a fairly cold-hardy cross – I have Red Stars and an Orpington. (Obviously – I guess you saw them.) I’m thinking they may have more of a barn next year. We’ll see how it goes. Lots of folks around here with Red & Red Stars & Cinnamon Queens as well.

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