An Alpine Holiday

Between the gorgeous sunny day and the wonderful company, it felt like a good old-fashioned Adirondack Homecoming Holiday around here on Thursday. I had a nice visit with a neighbor for a few hours in the morning, the sun came out bright-and-shining for much of the afternoon, I had coffee with another neighbor and his neat kid for an hour, and a dear friend came home from a job out in western ski country. With such sun and merriment, what else was there to do with the in-between times but take photos?

Awful nice to have a neighbor with a gorgeous property behind you.

Now that’s what I call a White Pine! One of the original Small Pines.

“Obsessed, he insisted on shoveling the yard.”

Those aren’t the Small Pines … those are the Big Spruces!



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6 responses to “An Alpine Holiday

  1. Don’t you just love how clean and bright a fresh snow is? Especially when the sun shines. Those snow covered trees are beautiful.

  2. amy

    Picturesque! The conrast betweeen the blue sky against the white snow and then the white snow aganist the pine is priceless for sure!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pics. I can just imagine how fresh and clean that cold, clear air smells.

    How are the chickens doing? We need an update on the ladies! 🙂

  4. Oooh! Chicken update! Good idea!

  5. one of my old gals (chicken hen) died in the coop, I guess she froze to death. Nice pics.

  6. hideawayhill

    So pretty!

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