Free Parking

The Jeep is dead. Long live the bus.

Well, friends, it’s dead. It’s not really, completely, totally dead. (I’m a little too cautious for that – I wouldn’t keep a problematic vehicle on the road if I could help it.) On life-support, I suppose. It’s going to be time for brake shoes any day now, and we have a transmission fluid leak. That’s right. I dared to speak The Automobile Repair Which Should Not Be Named. Transmission. So, yeah. We may sell it off for parts or projects and call it a day.

Remember friends, we’re talking about a 1989 here. Having the  transmission seals (or worse) replaced at the same time that we are going to be needing new brakes … Well, you know. There is a point of diminishing returns. And if we needed an entire transmission … no way. So, we may junk it. We’ll think about it.

So, we shall be car-less for a while. How are we able to do that? The county bus, and the kindness of friends. We’re on the bus line, and they’ll pick up right here. Partner’s office is a designated daily stop. Perfect. And for that matter, all of our neighbors go exactly the same direction each morning. Groceries and errands? Said neighbors have claimed us as family, so we have no problem there.

So, it’s off the road. I don’t quite know whether this is a bold decision or a foolish one, but I do know the following. 1. I’m not going to be running a dangerous car on the road. 2. This will put us ahead, to some degree – We could likely get five-hundred or so bucks to junk it or sell it off (got advice from a friend who own a body shop), besides not spending forty bucks each week on gas. Puts us a good ways toward buying a new car. A little. Maybe.

In the time being, it will sit. And it does run. Not going to take it anywhere, but it does run. Like, if there were a aliens-from-space fireball explosion headed for the property and we needed to flee in our old, dirty Jeep – Indiana Jones-style – we could.

Too bad. I liked the Jeep. Ah, well. As Indy says, “It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.”



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12 responses to “Free Parking

  1. It’s not exactly like NYC with subway, buses, and taxis. I’m glad to see you guys are so adaptable and thriving out there.

    Surely there’s some enterprising local dude that might think a mere transmission issue is a measly inconvenience. That thing looks to be in pretty good condition on the outside.

  2. Yeah, we got pretty lucky being right on the county bus line, and with four runs each way every day.

  3. one word for ya – TOYOTA

  4. Damn. It was totally my plan to head to the Adirondacks if ever there was a situation with an “aliens-from-space fireball explosion”. If it’s going down up there too, I need a new plan. Maybe I’ll just hide all the kids behind a monument.

    I’m not sure whether to offer congratulations or condolences on the Jeep.

  5. amy

    Living on the bus line is lucky. You’re probably a pro with public transportation. Toyota Pick Up for sure!

  6. Actually, the funny thing is that the public transport here is much more civilized than in the city! LOL Long as you live on the route, you call and make a reservation. You can even have standing reservations on an ongoing basis. It’s really pretty neat.

  7. That bus line thing is pretty cool. Wish we had that kind of thing here. I always said I wouldn’t own a vehicle if I didn’t have to. Well, maybe one, but we wouldn’t need 2. Think of all the money you’ll be saving, or just spending on something else anyway.

  8. Better safe than sorry,…and a small contribution to the neighbors will be a savings from running the jeep. Polish up the piggy bank and relax over the winter. Spring is a good time to buy a vehicle here.

  9. themac

    Time to get a horse and put that buggy to work!!

  10. hideawayhill

    Glad you won’t be driving something unsafe and lucky you to be right on the bus route. There are many used 4wh or all wheel drives out there. Love my Subaru and get good service from Franks.

  11. Yay, Mac! LOL Now, wouldn’t THAT be a sight – all the way down the highway and into town!

  12. Sorry to hear about your jeep but sounds like you should be able to get along fine for a while. Coming from the motor city – I could never in good conscience recommend a toyota like the above commenters – LOL! I recommend Ford! (Also, since my hubby’s company does sorting & inspection for bad parts for all the automotive companies, he told me Ford has the least quality problems.)

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