At Home, Post Storm

Heck of a snow here in the Adirondacks on Sunday!

Are we tired of snow photos yet? I hope not. Bear with me – It’s my first winter in a lartsa-snow area. Quite a nice Sunday, all in all. We shoveled twice, coming in for mocha coffee after each stint, and played some board games mid-day. Watched Revolutionary Road in the evening. I guess it was okay. I liked the themes, liked the period work … a little angsty for me though. I’m more of a costume dramas / BBC guy. Anyhow. Grabbed a few snaps while we were out …

Are you getting tired of photos of the carriage yet?

Can’t be a proper hick without some piece of something you forgot to put away last Fall sitting in the middle of the yard. Otherwise, that’s the path to the neighbors’.

Between me and the Jeep, there used to be a house.



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8 responses to “At Home, Post Storm

  1. amy

    Love it! Now that is some nice accumulation. The bucket that you forgot to put away makes a nice prop amidst the snow.

  2. LOL – That’s how much snow there is! It’s not a bucket … It’s a full-size washtub!

  3. Funny, I left my Dad’s OLD metal watering can out (with water still in it)…Now it’s bowed on the bottom and cracked…Guess I won’t be watering anything with it come this summer…
    You SURE got a heck of a lot more snow than we did…
    Keep Shoveling!!!

  4. Mary

    I love the snow pictures! Please keep them coming.

  5. Holy Mackerel Andy! You got a LOT more snow than we did down here in the valley. Weekend storm only gave us a slight 7-8″ at most. Didn’t have to plow driveway,.. just put it in 4×4 and go.

  6. hope you went out and bought some insulated clothes.

  7. Hahahahahahaaa!! ‘forgot to put away last fall’ ahahahahaha!!! I resemble that remark.

  8. Corky

    Love all your posts.
    And I love snow. have fun!

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