The Road Home, Pre-Storm

Just a couple of casual snaps today folks.

We have a Winter Storm Warning in effect from 1pm today through 7am Monday, and this thing has potential to be a whopper. Took a drive into town to get provisions, and we meandered up and down a few lanes just for fun. Played with my panorama and photo features on the new phone a little bit – I think I was a little too close when I took the photo of the Will Rogers building. Made it look like a Willy Wonka house. Generally, pretty okay photos from a phone though.

Here’s a couple pre-storm shots from the Road Home, and our corner of the Adirondacks. You may click to enbiggen the photos.



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3 responses to “The Road Home, Pre-Storm

  1. I’m always amazed at the photos taken by phones. I have a simple tracfone, no camera. The clarity of these surprised me. We went to P’burgh for some things today,… snug at home now… let it snow.

  2. Oh My Gosh, How FUNNY the ‘Will Rogers’ Looks…So CROCKED!!!
    Your right Willy Wonka for sure…
    Made me laugh though…

  3. amy

    I wonder if you’ll be getting the weather we are experiencing today. Whiteouts, snowy and frigid. Good luck up there!

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