The Fortune Teller

There are two things in my future that I am quite sure of. More snow, and a new phone.

You might recall – My cell phone is somewhere in a snow bank on the side of a friend’s sledding run. I’d wanted to downgrade a little bit, and I suppose I achieved that with flying colors … downgraded myself right down into a snowy gully. Really, I just wanted a smaller phone with a decent camera. Christmas Miracle-wise, Verizon called us the next morning – contract renewal time – with a free phones offer! I shall have this thing in my hot little hands within a week. Six different resolutions, 3.0 megapixels. Maybe it’s okay. We’ll see.

Enough of this tech talk. Have I told you about my snow banks? The RV is positively buried! (That’s good – I had planned to bank the snow for insulation.) While we have had our challenges, the RV skirting and all the precautions we took to keep things from freezing has worked like a charm. Pump, pipes, water heater – all happy and working. (Pardon the backwards photo – long story.)

I’ve been shoveling for our height-challenged dog as well. Okay, okay. Besides for the dog, I like having a chunk of the yard cleared as well. It’s helpful for when we fill the RV water tank each day – a drama in itself. But that’s a story for another post. That’s a full-sized washtub in the photo, by the way.

I’m going to have to start shoveling the driveway starting at the bottom. I’ve been working my way down, and now the snow-cliffs on either side are five or six feet above driveway level. I suppose that fact in itself is fine. But lifting a shovel full of snow up that high? Yeah, I gotta start shoveling from the other end.



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4 responses to “The Fortune Teller

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of snow. I am behind on your adventures, so I’m catching up tonight. What an interesting time you’re having up there! Can’t wait to read backwards through the other posts. And I didn’t even get to wish you merry Christmas!

  2. Marie (adktricollie)

    Wow your amazing! You have your driveway shoveled almost down to pavement! At the rate your going, I don’t think you should be shopping for thermals, I think you should be concentrating on summer and order that “speedo” ha!

  3. Marie (adktricollie)

    Lucky you! We do not have cell service here in Long Lake. I only have a trac phone because I can only use it when Iam either headed toward Saranac/Lake Placid or headed in the other direction towards Queensbury which is approx. an hour away. Hate the frankenpines but on these dark, snowy, icy, winding roads it’s a necessity in an emergency. Hopefully someday we will get service.

  4. Hey…. I’ve got a long driveway through pine trees here,…. buy that wovel and come on over and shovel here too! 🙂 Don’t worry, my son keeps me plowed out every winter. Good boy! I’m so glad that your water system is working like a charm. I think that was your biggest challenge wintering in the rv. A+!

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