Adirondack Christmas Adventures (and Holiday Ephemera)

We had plenty of Holiday adventures, but I only have one photo to show for it. Know why? My camera/phone/PDA/thing is somewhere at the bottom of a snow-filled gully. Ah, well. At least we have the RV wreath.

With the whole phone thing – Sledding incident. I went off into a big ol’ ditch on the edge of the sledding run at a friend’s house – much laughter was had … especially when I repeatedly fell down while trying to climb back up. I survived, “laughing all the way,” as J. Pierpont might have said. I had fun, the phone didn’t. Live and learn. North Country Lesson #862 – No phones or anything in pockets while sledding. I wanted to go back to a plain old little phone anyway, so we’ll see how that works out. That was Christmas Adventure #3.

Christmas Adventure #1 is set along Kiwassa Road in Saranac Lake. Thought we’d go for a drive, take in the sights. We did indeed have a lovely drive, and in fact, I saw a tiny house that was just about my ideal. I insisted we turn around so I could take a photo. (I know it’s a little weird, but at least it was roadside.) We proceed to three-point our way around on the narrow road. The snow made it look like the road was a bit wider that it was. Sloosh! Half the Jeep down in the deep ditch. I mean, deep. If I had opened the door without a seatbelt on, I would have rolled out. It wasn’t a serious drop off or anything, just a deep ditch. Nothing dangerous. Anyhow. Four-wheel drive was already on. A little back-and-forth between the gas and brakes, and we climbed right out of that baby, no problem. Adrenaline! It was awesome fun! You go, Jeep.

Christmas Adventure #2 also involved a turn-around. Very turn-aroundy day. We had gone up the back road from town that comes out between Sarananc Lake and Raybrook. It’s a nice drive. For some reason or other, we decided to go back the same way. There used to be a little 1960s-style motel right there on Route 86. All that remains is the old sign and a parking lot turn-around. Seriously deep with snow. What the hell – Let’s try it. A Jeep is not going to be deterred by a foot or two of snow. We pulled in, did a little un-planned plowing, whooshed snow all over the place, and had tons of fun. Simple silly towny fun, I guess, but we loved it.

The holiday capper? Does this count as Christmas Adventure #4? Evidently, I was chosen as this year’s recipient by the The Magical Adirondack Angels Gifts-From-The-Sky Consortium. Things  I really needed just kept showing up today! I needed a cuff/adapter for my wood stove. It was fine without it, but I wanted everything right and proper. The neighbor said, “Oh, I have one. Just go get it out of the garage.” Past that, I knew I would be needing some more wood in a few weeks, and another friend piped up with, “There’s about half a face cord of birch from two years ago in the back. Grab it whenever you want.” And then? Then?!

Verizon called. We’re due to renew our contract. And we get free phones.



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4 responses to “Adirondack Christmas Adventures (and Holiday Ephemera)

  1. You two are having all the fun,…. we stayed home and took naps and watched Christmas movies. your life is far more exciting! 🙂

  2. Well, the lost phone and the close calls were something else, but it seems like Santa thought somebody was a good boy this year!(see Christmas Adventure #4) That is so cool when everything seems to go right(finally!) Merry Christmas!

  3. Irish45

    My family lives on Kiwassa Rd.,I know the RayBrook by pass and I just laughed through the whole article. Felt like I was right there. Thanks for the Xmas memories. I once almost ran into Kiwassa Lake when I was visiting up there. I used to ski on Better’s hills and loved the Howling Dog Farm (now gone?) Happy New Year! A.Demers-O’Hare

  4. Great post. Love the happy ending, “and we get free phones.” lol! Too cute. 🙂

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