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Happy Christmas, friends!

I’ll be buzzin’ for a few days, so I thought it would be nice to leave a fun post here at The Pines. If you’re in Saranac Lake on Christmas Eve, stop by the Unitarian Church for A Victorian Christmas in Saranac Lake at 6:30, in the (newly restored) Trudeau Laboratory Building on Church Street. Adirondack Christmas stories and holiday songs. And people in old-timey costumes. Random coolness. I’ll be the one at the piano.

Of course, you’re aware of those DVDs (and TV stations) that provide you with a video fireplace/yule log – music and all. I thought that would be a nice post for the holidays. Here’s an awesome Yule video, Adirondack style. Even has good music. Enjoy the fire, and you have a great holiday!


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6 responses to “Adirondack Yule Log Blog

  1. I enjoyed the Yule video, Adirondack style.

  2. A very Merry Christmas to you! I hope you enjoy the beauty of the season. Actually, as you sit at that piano, I know you’ll be a pat of the beauty of the season. 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas to you. Glad you are staying warm it “that thing” …. clever you to figure out all the stuff to make it possible.

  4. Merry Christmas, hope you are enjoying the holidays!!

  5. Thank You for the good wishes and the warm fire my friend! Merry Christmas and on to a Happy New Year!

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