Hooked Up, Adirondack Style

I don’t know if I can adequately describe how happy I am to be hooked-up in the cabin – everything sorted out, no lumber to dodge, no pieces of the ceiling in the middle of the floor, no furniture stacked on top of furniture. I don’t even have to stumble over five things and sandwich myself behind a piece of insulation to sit at the piano. And the wood stove … aah, the woodstove. Nice to have the holiday decorations up too. You think I’m the first person to ever put a Christmas bow on an antique prop sword that was used in the Ziegfeld Follies? Yeah, probably.

Anyhow. Love the sheddycabin.

Sure, there is still some silver-colored ceiling … insulation showing that I need to put planks over. And you’ll see some OSB chip-board here and there. But it’s functional. And it’s awesome. And it’s warm. Well, heck. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s a few pics.



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5 responses to “Hooked Up, Adirondack Style

  1. Sweet!

    Keep this up and I might have to nominate you as “one of the 10 most important people in Adirondack history”.

  2. absolutely darling, should be in Martha Stewart Living.

  3. Looks very cozy and homey. Very inviting indeed.

  4. amy

    Merry Christmas! Everything looks cozy and charming. Living your Adirondack dream!!!

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