Holiday Revelations in the Adirondacks

Well, we did spend a small fortune buying ourselves a car, a 32′ RV, and a move to the Adirondacks. It’s been an expensive year. Being that it’s just the two of us, we thought we’d let Christmas go this year.

How wrong I was. This weekend brought one wonderful thing after another.

Friday night we went to a wonderful potluck dinner, and I was reminded that I had met some folks I really liked. And I was reminded that I need to work harder on that. Reaching out and staying in touch and all.

Saturday morning, a neighbor gave me a face cord of seasoned wood. He doesn’t have a wood stove, but when he cut the trees, he went to the trouble of splitting the wood and storing it, because he just figured someone would need it at some point. “Consider it a Christmas gift,” he said.

We spent a few hours cleaning up the cabin, and Saturday night, I put up our little tree (period-correct Victorian, of course), and all the Christmas decorations. With a fire going. That’s my first-ever woodpile in the photo.

Sunday, we were invited to brunch at a beautiful house on a gorgeous lake by a super nice couple who we have much in common with. And at said brunch, we met another super nice couple who we have much in common with. How nice it was to laugh and laugh and laugh at things we all have in common, to be able to share a sensibility. Amid delicious food.

Sunday afternoon, we rushed back to let the dog out and put the chickens in, before a rehearsal I had for the church Christmas Eve service. There on our steps, wrapped in holiday cellophane and a bow, was a huge plate of cookies and cakes. From a neighbor. If I’d had the time, I might have wept. But we had to rush off to the church.

Sunday evening, I went to the church to meet a dear friend, and a new friend. We did some final planning for the Christmas Eve service, a stories-and-songs sort of thing. I played through some music, came up with the basics of what will be the arrangements I’ll play on the piano. I love playing Christmas music. It’s not a regular church service sort of thing. It was started because my friend wanted to come up with something nice that everyone would feel welcome at for Christmas Eve.

I don’t want to disparage the city, but in over fifteen years, I just never experienced this sort of thing.

Perhaps the difference is that there are so few people here in the Adirondacks. With so few things tugging at us, we’re more focused on each other. Neighbors are more permanent. Friends with whom you have things in common are more rare and precious.

Happy Christmas week, Adirondacks.



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6 responses to “Holiday Revelations in the Adirondacks

  1. What a Christmas story. Congratulations on your bravery and for making your way in fine fashion. Also, where is the Christmas Eve service? Boys and I will be up there in time this year.

  2. Loved reading your post this morning…
    Looking back on your year, I can say you did WELL…Sometimes we forget the little things we accomplished, but with ALL you’ve done AND to be given Gifts of Love from your neighbors…
    Your Home Now…
    May each NEW Christmas you share be as Blessed as your first in your new Home…

    Merry Christmas~Marilyn

  3. you see, that’s the spirit of Christmas, small, sweet things.

    did you read? –

    I thought it was an awesome post

  4. amy

    Your new life up in the north country sounds absolutley perfect and you’re experiencing a sense of community! Merry Christmas!!

  5. You have had quite a year, and many stories to tell in the future. You’ve got good neighbors, a real blessing in the country. It sounds like you will have the Christmas of your lives this year.

    Merry, merry Christmas!

  6. See….. you love the Adirondacks …. and you are getting love back! Nice post, SP!

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