Throw Another Log on the Fire

See that photo? Know what it is? It’s the sweet sight of success. That, ladies and gentlemen, is my first woodstove fire, viewed through a removable cook lid. My woodstove is installed, up to code, double-wall insulated, and fired up. And the chimney doesn’t even drip.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m coming at you from my rocking chair, with a fire in the wood stove next to me.

Sure, I cut my hand on a piece of stainless steel, and I spent two days on an icy roof. And I think I might have acquired arthritis. But it’s done, and it works.

Very interesting getting to know the personality of my stove. Each behaves a little differently, especially when it comes to starting fires and how much air it likes. After just a day of fussing with mine, I’m getting used to it. I’ll be looking for a chart that tells me what-kind-of-wood-burns-how.

The horrific stink from the fumes and firing it up the first time were pretty awful, but that will go away. No more propane in the little sheddycabin. We figured it would be costing about $90 a month in propane to heat this extra “luxury” building. Not any more. Wood is cheap-to-free around my parts (if you know people), and a friend has a garage full I can just have.

And now, warmed by wood, I can set to working finishing off the cabin and making it pretty. Awesome.

You have a great day too.



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11 responses to “Throw Another Log on the Fire

  1. Wow, nice work! Our woodstove might be the single thing I love the most about the barn. 6 more days!

  2. We had a woodburning stove in a previous house, and you are absolutely right – you definitely have to “get to know” your stove – it’s not an exact science. However, you’ll have plenty of time to practice and learn how to get it going just how you like it! Congrats!!! I KNOW you will be enjoying it – I am soooo jealous! Our own cabin plans have hit a major roadblock and I’m pretty discouraged, but at least I can enjoy cozy, Adirondack winter days vicariously here! πŸ˜€

  3. Ahhhh, woodstoves. They are pretty nice to have. I couldn’t get away with one for my house so I put in a gas fired simulate, even has a remote control with a thermostat.

    Anyway, good job and congrats.
    Handyguy Brian

  4. Congratulations on your stove. I would so love even just a teeny-tiny one somewhere to warm up to on cold days …. but hope never dies, so maybe SOMEDAY!!!!

    Stay warm and Merry Christmas

  5. wish I was there to pull up a chair.

  6. The smell of a fresh crackling wood fire sounds heavenly! Break out the popcorn!

  7. amy

    Sounds perfectly cozy! Congratulations!!

  8. I can feel the warmth from here! I know you’re lovin’ it! Congrats on the successful installation!

  9. I am WAY behind on your posts, and boy have you been having a good time! Way to go on the woodstove. There is nothing quite like a good warm stove, is there, with a kettle heating on top?

    And the eggs! Your hens are right on schedule, aren’t they? Good job there too πŸ™‚

  10. Yay!! Woodstoves and rockers are a perfect combination – enjoy enjoy!!

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