You’ve Been Snowed

The snowmobiles were whizzing by most of the night.

They’re not super-close or anything, but you can see and hear them out at the foot of the driveway, about 60 feet away. We’re between a major snowmobile trail and the gas station. It’s hardly a surprise. Unless they actually come up onto your property and idle at 11:15pm.

So, it’s about 11:15. I hear that familiar rumbling approaching. It’s a little late, but no big deal. Ride on, brother.

It approaches. And it stops to idle. In our driveway. Not at-the-foot-of-the-driveway-by-the-road either. Ten or twenty feet up the driveway. I’m not happy, but maybe someone needs help. Ugh.

It’s still snowing. I pull on jeans and a coat over my PJs, pull on my snow boots, grab the lantern flashlight, and head outside. I shine the light ahead of me so I don’t startle the twenty-something girl in the driveway. “Need help?” They lost a ski.

Her boyfriend is across the road, limping along on a one-ski snowmobile, desperately trying to hop the snowmobile up onto the snowbank over there. He hobbles back over on the wounded snowmobile. “Need help? I have a flashlight.” He mutters something about losing a ski in the park. He’s a little rude, does the whole I’m- embarrassed-and-defensive-and-I-don’t-need-your-help thing, tells her to get on, and they hobble down the road. On one ski. On the asphalt.

I knew he was lying. He tried to jump my snow bank, came down on asphalt and popped the ski, then lost it in the bank on the other side.

In our driveway, the asphalt from the road continues ten feet up into the driveway. In other words, the first ten feet of our drive is hard pavement. Hence, I shovel down to bare asphalt.

Most snowmobilers take it easy or avoid it all together. Try to hop over the snowbank at the sides of our drive, and you’re going to come down on pavement. Anyhow. Probably should have been a little nicer to someone who was trying to help him out. We would have found the ski. Probably within two minutes. Guess what I dug out of the driveway the next morning?

My friend with snowmobiles couldn’t use it. So, it’s in his dumpster.



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7 responses to “You’ve Been Snowed

  1. You could collect all the broken pieces and make some kind of warning-totem. This is going to be fun hearing about all the snowmobile action this Winter.

  2. I’ve never ridden on a snowmobile but sounds like fun unless you’re with a guy like that one.

  3. Kat

    I agree with tourpro, get ready for some of the dumbest behavior (and more than a little tragedy) you’ll ever see or hear about. A good number of otherwise intelligent people get on their ‘sleds’ and turn into morons. (And all the alcohol doesn’t help.)

    I’ve been on a snowmobile twice. They’re so loud you can’t hear yourself think, they go so fast there’s no way you can enjoy the scenery, and because you’re not active as you sit on the thing you damn near freeze your frootloops off.

  4. Kat

    …And they stink, too.

  5. Was going to tell Kat (above) that snowmobiles are fun despite those factors… and then realized I haven’t actually been on a snowmobile for more than 2 minutes since I was a teenager. How that has happened, I don’t know… anyway, I’m betting that going at a breakneck speed in the freezing cold was much more fun then than I’d find it now. Hmmmm….

  6. Alliedog

    Actually, on the newer sleds there are handwarmers and heated seats. I’m always cold but amazingly when snowmobiling I am toasty warm. I agree, they do smell and are loud. It’s actually my husband’s hobby and I tag along once or twice a year for the sake of family harmony. We’ll have to take note of Small Pines’ drive along the way!

  7. Jack

    What a shock. A rude snowmobiler drinking and engaging in dangerous, illegal and quality-of-life-destroying activity at 11:00 at night. It’s practically a cliche.

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