Shovel the Hovel

You might expect that I’d write a post about the trials of shoveling out from the snow storm we just had here in the Adirondacks. Not so.

Truth is, I love shoveling snow.

Now, now. Before we get into the whole your-opinion-will-change thing, I have to say – I don’t think it will. Remember, New York City does have snow, and I did live in an apartment with a 30′ deck and a stoop and sidewalk. I always wished for more. I love shoveling snow, and with the snowblower as an accessory, it’s even more fun. This week, I shoveled and plowed three properties – our own, and the two large driveways and decks at friend’s place across the street. Loved it.

Pics today are from our place. All told, I think we probably got six or eight inches the past few days, which wasn’t so terrible. Parts of the neighbor’s place and mine were drifted three feet or more, but for me, that just makes it more fun. I think snow clearance (like my beloved Summer lawn mowing) appeals to both my creative side and my sense of organization. I love getting the edge of the bank just the way I want it. In fact, I frequently go back after finishing an area, because “That edge could go over a few more inches. It would look better.”

In addition to the neighbor I am helping out, we have a short(ish) dog, so he needs snow shoveled too! No matter, it’s just more outdoor fun for me. And let’s not forget the chickens – a path has to be clear to the chicken house, and if the snow has drifted much, I have to shovel the chicken run a little bit. (Okay, I’ll admit could do without that – one side of the roof on the run is too short for me.)

How are your snow adventures going?



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8 responses to “Shovel the Hovel

  1. themac

    It’s a sickness, isn’t it? I have it too. I also love to carry wood. I stack it, haul it, bring it inside and burn it – it’s all fun! Now when it’s -30 outside, not as fun but it’s still fun regardless. There’s something about doing it yourself that brings satisfaction.

  2. Shoveling because of your “sense of organization” is freaking me out a little.

    Imagine if you got to drive one of those big plow trucks. We’d have the neatest roads in New York!

  3. (I have a secret desire to own an F150 with a plow! LOL)

  4. lois

    I also love to shovel as long as it doesn’t get over say 4″. You have to have 2 shovels.. One for pushing and one for scooping. I use the egronomic ones with the bent handles.. once you learn to use & love them they really save your back.. i have an 18″ one with a scoop and a 22″ one for pushing, say anywhere from 1 to 4 inches of snow. If its heavy and over 3 or 4 inches out comes the snowblower.

  5. I do love the snowblower, but with everyone (including me) having rock driveways around here, we have to get a good pack down first. Wouldn’t want to shoot stones at the neighbors!

  6. I live in the south, I don’t do snow ha ha. Enjoy your day 🙂

  7. I’ll take Adirondack snow over New Jersey’s ice any day. I fell on my butt on an icy sidewalk this morning walking the dog! Would much rather be up at our cabin shuffling along in the white stuff in the woods!

  8. for once we got the same amount here in the Champlain Valley,… I don’t think much about it,.. it’s winter, it’s the ‘daks, it’s what we do… right? 🙂

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