Taking a Snow Day



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9 responses to “Taking a Snow Day

  1. Mary

    Beautiful pictures! Did you get your wood stove installed?

  2. I am so jealous…. its raining here.. again

  3. Snowed like crazy over here in the valley earlier this a.m. Now the sun is shining!

  4. How Absolutely Beautiful…
    Icicles just add that Special touch on your Lovely Wreath…

    Always My Best…

  5. Lovely winter scenes. Lucky you to have snow. Love your wreath–did you make it? We’re feezing here, near record lows overnight–12 degrees above zero. A 2-down blanket night. I’ll think of your wood stove to keep warm, it’s a darling stove.

  6. sounds like you may be getting some more snow too

  7. amy

    You’re killing me. If I could only be there. Soooo beautiful!

  8. All beautiful snow photos!! Time to build a snowman!!!

  9. Gorgeous pictures! We were lucky enough to be at our cabin last weekend for the last time of the season, when we had a 4-inch snowfall overnight, and got some good pix as well.

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