The Hot Head

Sorry for the radio silence, friends. Long few days.

You know those few areas in your life that you take way too seriously? Oh, yeah. I totally ran into one of those this week. Long story short – We need to heat the cabin/studio, we discovered the propane heater was going to be inadequate and way too expensive, and I wanted a woodstove. Who knew a woodstove could cause such angst?!

I found a helluva deal at Tractor Supply – a very nice cast iron box stove that can accomodate 23 inch logs. Small, nice looking, perfect. Even has a cooktop … tea on the woodstove in the cabin! And on super-sale for $149, which is unheard of.

I allowed myself to get way too excited about it. I understand why – a woodstove is sort of a heart’s-desire thing with me. And I didn’t think. All my neighbors’ stovepipes go out through their walls. I planned the same. And crashed and burned. $500-something additional bucks to run the pipe through the wall, up the outside, and above the roof. Well, there’s just no way. I don’t care if wood heat is free – we can’t lay out almost $700 to heat a cabin. It would take two or three years to recoup that.

Then, in the way that these things always happen, a friend who also has an Amish-built cabin took issue with my estimates, and explained his rig – with the stovepipe going through the ceiling. Duh. My estimates were sky high because I was foolishly running most of the length outside, where you need to use expensive insulated stovepipe. (Safety, and codes besides – both of which I respect.)

I made new plans to run the pipe through the ceiling, called Tractor Supply to see if they had the Metalbestos thimble/chimney/cap/stuff I needed, and found that I could do the whole thing for $390. Including the stove. Tight, but doable. Especially considering that we won’t be paying the estimated $90 per month for propane in the cabin. And two neighbors have already offered as much free wood as I want. Oh, and that woodstove pictured above? By Sunday evening, it will be sitting in the corner pictured here. They only had one left, so I paid for the everything over the phone.

Quite literally – Over the river and through the woods, to Tractor Supply we go.




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10 responses to “The Hot Head

  1. Jackie

    I love the little stove. Can’t wait to hear about how it heats the cabin.

  2. It will certainly heat the cabin to the point you will want to open all the doors and windows! Those are little stoves but big heaters. You will probably want to put heat resistant panels behind it to protect the wood wall, and of course sit in on a fire/heat resistant floor mat. Both available for more $$. Sorry about the more money part,…. but the floor mat is very important. Good luck and have fun!

  3. I’m pretty excited about it. Cedar – I am going to do the wall panels, and a neighbor has some brick that I can do the floor with. I’m sure the stove will come with the setback and wall protection rules. Sleight chance I might put it in the middle of the room (no wall protection needed 36″ from walls), but I doubt it.

  4. Corky

    Thats the exact stove we have sitting in our cabin but the estimate to run it through the roof for us was $1000.

    Good luck! Hope it all works our for you.

  5. Tractor Supply is one of my favorits stores (I know that sounds stupid). I get the best and cheapest chicken gear there–and dog stuff, too.

    Congrats on your stove. It looks like a beaut!

    Carolyn H

  6. I just found you. We are living in a 5th wheel RV in the NC Appalachians. We added a large sunroom, with wall propane heater, to it. Just moved to this 30 acres in May 2009, had much cleaning to do, but not an old house! We have chickens, turkeys, Nigerian Dwarf goats, and Pearl Guinea’s. So far, so great. I think we need to get a dehumidifier, so that’s our latest research.

  7. amy

    Sounds like it will do the job. Looks perfect and the cabin is cozy!!

  8. Oh i LOVE it! I have woodstove love too… But Bill has a big issue having to do with something that happened a LONG time ago with one of his relatives who probably did something wrong, and….oh well…we have a gas cast iron stove and i just burn wood based incense to fool myself! 🙂

  9. Just an idea… we used to put a sheet of copper attached to the wall with electrical insulators and you could have the stove cranked, but the wall would be cool. And the copper was pretty! I’ve no idea of the cost though…

    I so miss wood heat…. am totally envious and what a great great deal!

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