It’s About That Time

Monday was the first day that I really felt like it was truly Winter – that bite in the air, a little snow, and most of our little hamlet getting their decorations out. I even got two new small pines planted a few weeks ago – right under the wire. Below are a few signs of the season from around our place – hope to get some better shots later on … the digi crapped out, so I’m on the cell phone camera until I get around to grabbing another proper camera. How are you doing with your Winter-prep and holiday decorating?



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7 responses to “It’s About That Time

  1. We are surprisingly on the ball. We got our tree on Sat and it is up and decorated as is the rest of the house. We put the hook-ups on the truck for the plow weeks ago. DH even remembered to get the snow shovels out of the shed BEFORE it snows and we can’t get the shed doors open. Looks like you are ready as well!

  2. Christmas lights are up on the deck railing,… tree goes up in a couple of weeks. I leave that up until New Year’s Day. Other decorations will be happening as the next week or so goes by. That’s a lovely wreath!

  3. Just LOVE those Northern Winter Greens…Your Wreath is beautiful and your young sapling, well just give it time!! Great soft needles…
    Have our outside garlands up with the lights and wreaths on the doors…All set here!!
    Looks just Beautiful, BUT no sign of Snow here yet, just Frost this morning!

  4. PCS

    That is a nice wreath. Where did you get it?

  5. Gift from the Docs at the office, but I believe it came from the florist downtown on Woodruff? Maybe? It had some cheesy bows and stuff on it, but I took ’em off.

  6. Pine trees have always been my favorite! Love that wreath too!!

  7. I just stumbled onto your blog, reading with interest about ya living in a RV because that’s what we’re doing, we had a sunroom built on the front of it, so far so good. Yes, I got a rear kitchen too, one of the priorites was for me to have somewhat of a real kitchen. We moved to inlaws 30 acres in May 2009.

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