I am the Eggman


Well, the eggs are flowing like water. One day, I got five eggs out of five hens! We’re averaging about three a day. (If you know me well enough, you have assumed by now that I have a spread sheet that adds the totals per week and calculates averages.) I’m totally into the chickens as you know, but I’m having even more fun with the eggs! Three or four fresh eggs a day doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re a two-person family … they pile up!

I made five Quiches on Thanksgiving day – took two to a neighbor’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, one went home with a friend, we ate one, and I kept another for lunch and snacking today. Besides all this, I’ve had eggs on biscuits and such every other day or so, and I still had a dozens eggs sitting here today!

Mentioned it on Facebook, and suffice it to say … the eggs are gone, and the surplus from this coming week is already promised to friends. This is the fun part for me – Not only do I have as many eggs as we can use, I’m having fun finding new recipes to utilize our bounty, and I’m able to give a good amount of eggs away to friends. Hell, at this point, I’m wishing I had a few more hens. Bigger hen house next year and twice the hens, and I’ll have a nice little butter and egg money business. Awesome. 

In bloggy news – You win, Jackie! Thanks to everyone for the fun, but I gotta tell ya, Jackie totally nailed each item in the giveaway. The top bar is a carriage spring, a sickle bar is just below it. The items on the right are from utility poles, specifically they attach to insulators and hold incoming cables. The basket, of course, is for cooking over an open fire, and yep, the rectangular thing is an old electric meter box. I’ll email you today, Jackie!

In literary news, shout out to Oscar Wilde. Rest in peace, my brother. I have a soft spot for Wilde. Would that we all had the strength-of-character to combat a world of trouble and injustice with beautiful words and a sharp wit. Awesome. Famous last words – “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.”



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8 responses to “I am the Eggman

  1. Three cheers for “the girls!” They are doing a great job making eggs!

  2. I have more than a dozen clean egg cartons if you want them….

  3. Congrats on your eggs! I have 8 hens and am keeping family and co-workers in eggs. I charge the co-workers. Not much, but the revenue garners me enough to pay for the chicken food, so I’m happy. The eggs taste wonderful, too, and are so much fluffier than store-bought eggs for cooking.

    Carolyn H.

  4. Jackie

    There is nothing like a fresh from the coop egg. The taste is spectacular.

  5. Yep, I was wondering about those insulator thingies… thought someone stole the toes off the Tinman!!

  6. Your eggs look pretty… fresh from the farm, so to speak. It’s cool that you can use Facebook to network your eggs! 🙂

  7. PCS

    Do you know which hens lay the brown eggs and which lay the white eggs?

  8. Generally, brown hens lay brown eggs and white ones lay white – color in that pic is off. The brown breeds are generally the American ones. My hens are all buff-to-brown, so I tend to have very light buff to medium brown eggs.

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