Shall I follow Blog Protocol, post a picture of a turkey, and merely say, “Happy Thanksgiving?” Well, yeah. I guess I will. Lots to do today, and a few odd jobs to get done before the possible snow this weekend. Gotta hang a few more lights too. Perhaps I’ll be back Friday, or maybe I’ll wait for Monday. I’ll get to finishing up that contest then. We’ll see how it goes. Now see, I’m blabbering on and I nearly forgot …

Happy Thanksgiving, from us Adirondack Turkeys!

Oh, I’ll have some stories for you soon. I am “hen sitting” for a few months for a friend who’s gone off to be a ski instructor for a while. Let’s just say that the girls are less than pleased about having a new roommate. For an extra fun dose of chicken humor over the holidays – check this post out from Green Frieda. Hysterical! Thanks TourPro



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6 responses to “Turkified

  1. Turkification (Turkish: Türkleştirme) is a term used to describe a process of cultural change in which something or someone who is not a Turk becomes one, voluntarily.

    Gobble, gobble?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday… looking forward to some hensitting tales. 😀

  3. Great pix of the Adirondack turkeys! I heard one last weekend but didn’t see him. However, we did see the Great Horned Owl – when we arrived Friday night he swooped down and almost hit our windshield!

  4. amy

    I’ve seen those turkeys before. Happy hen sitting and Happy Thanksgiving to you. Hope it snows for you this weekend!!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful turkey day! Come back soon and tell us all about it! 🙂

  6. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful here in the north country in your new life. We went by your place yesterday on our way to visit family in Moira, but didn’t want to stop unannounced. So good to see the old house gone!

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