The Museum Giveaway

I have a museum (of sorts) on the side of my chicken pen. And I want you to guess what’s in it. 

Since I’m not knitting this year, and since I have a few delicate winter scarves left over from past holidays, and since most of my followers are ladies, and since I’d rather someone were wearing the things (aside from a storage bin) … Well, you can see where this is going. A blog giveaway. Trendy/crafty of me, no? Awesome.

1. You have to be a girl. Because they’re girly scarves and all.

2. Make sure you fill out the comment forms with an email and such. Or, ya know, I can’t contact you if you win.

3. If you don’t know the specific name of a thing, no big. Specific names and technical terms are not required. Just what each item “is.”

Here’s a pic of my Chicken House Fence Museum. These are all things that we found in, underneath, or on the old house while we were tearing it down. First person to leave a comment here correctly identifying all six items (two of them are the same thing) will be the proud new owner of a nice, light, super soft alpaca blend loose-weave scarf, and a navy blue alpaca blend scarflette done in the same type of fiber. No real theme to the items in the museum, just that they’re fairly old and were all found in the house and foundation. You can click on the pic to enbiggen it. 

Have fun, don’t give away your answers until you’re sure you want to guess, and feel free to pass on giveaway to other bloggers – the more the merrier!



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7 responses to “The Museum Giveaway

  1. Ok, starting from the top:
    The long metal bar is for clobbering bear/moose/deer. The big saw thing underneath that is for cutting it up into slices that will fit in the grill thing on the left. The next item is an antique moist towelette dispenser for cleaning up after eating your grilled bear/moose/deer. After that to the right, are an early prototype of brass knuckles that you use on old cranky neighbors who criticize you to everyone that will listen that you don’t know what you’re doing. Then you use those stones along the bottom to cover up the body.
    Do I win the scarves??

  2. I vote for Carole’s answers,… I’m still giggling! 🙂

  3. I needed that LAUGH today too!!!
    You HAVE to give Carole the scarves!!!
    No More To say after that…

  4. themac

    …I was going to answer but you’ve just gotta give the scarves to Carole! LOL

  5. Carole will survive in any wilderness. She’s got those Indiana Jones genes! I laughed and laughed reading what she wrote.

    For a somewhat serious response: I think the metal bar is part of the sickle bar below, which is part of a hay mowing machine. Probably a horse-drawn one, but our Ford 501 mower had a similar sickle bar. Those little teeth can be taken off, sharpened, replaced if broken, etc. OR they could be a giant’s toothpick and toothbrush. Or sharpening strop and razor.

    The wire net thing is, I think, a basket for roasting corn or cooking other items over the coals or over an open fire. I think. Or it could be a giant’s soapsaver; I have a little one that you put the end bits of soap in, then swish in the water so you can use them up. Question, though: do giants ever actually clean up? Maybe when they’re courting?

    The box thing could be an electric meter box, or a fence charger box–or it could hold the giant’s razor blades.

    Those knuckle looking things? No idea what they might have been used for. Part of me says clothesline, another part says it’s still to do with the haymaking stuff. BUT they could also be the giants hair picks, or maybe a lovely comb to keep his/her hair in place?

    The rocks–fossilized giant’s teeth because he didn’t floss. You see any floss in that pile of stuff? I don’t.

  6. Jackie

    The top bar looks like some kind of spring. The second is a sickle bar. The items on the right are from utility poles. The baskets are for cooking over an open fire. The metal box is an old electric meter box.

  7. What a wonderful discovery! So cool! I hope to find some “treasures” when we finally gut out 1855 house. So far, all I’ve found is a hand-scrawled name of the builder on a stud (H. Rogers 1855) and a whole bunch of squirrels’ nuts.

    Here are my guesses: the first thing (to the left) is a popcorn popper. Or a suet maker. Or a hamburger griller thingy. Mmm.

    Item #2 … that looks like a matchstick holder from way back when. Or maybe an old electrical meter. Or maybe the latest fashion in bird houses of the 1940s.

    Items # 3 and 4 look like.. bullet moulds? Gosh, didn’t those old-timers know that guns are DANGEROUS?!

    Those long metal things… umm… the top is part of a bed frame? The bottom is a saw for cutting ice?

    Gah. I have no idea.

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