Good Girls!

I had made a mistake by a few weeks about their age, so I went back and checked. The girls were due Thanksgiving week.

The hens are 20 and 22 weeks old this week, and right on schedule, eggs are here! It makes me especially happy to have such timely birds … I like an organized and well scheduled household. The first egg came Friday, and another Saturday. Both from Gwen the Buff Orpington, who is two weeks older than the others.

It’s a right nice darkish buff brown egg, and awfully pretty. Little smaller than the others will be, but she’s such a gorgeous girl, I can hardly hold it against her. We should start getting about 18 eggs a week once all the chickybabes are on schedule. Goooooooood girls!



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9 responses to “Good Girls!

  1. Corky

    Thats not a bad size for a first egg.
    They will get a lot bigger as she gets older.

  2. Woot! Very cool! I can’t wait to see what you are going to cook up with all these eggs you are going to have – or are you planning on selling some of them?

  3. Congrats to you and girls! Fresh eggs, made with tender loving care! I’m soooooo jealous!

  4. Congratulations to you and your four Beautiful Girls!

    I am also jealous!

  5. Congratulations. You must be a proud papa.

  6. Congratulations!! Those eggs will get bigger with each egg you get. Ten days made a big difference to the sizes of the eggs my girls laid. Now, I get almost jumbo eggs from those little lasses.

    Carolyn H.

  7. Concur with above comments… don’t give up on the wee gold girl! Her eggs’ll become a right nice size. And YAY for eggs! Like little spots of sunshine! Corny… but kind of true too.


  8. Good for the beautiful girl! Are you going to sell eggs? Just think of those yummy omlets you will have!

  9. hideawayhill

    Congratulations on raising the girls to produce eggs!

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