Guess What?

Chicken butt!

The ladies have a new perch in their new pen (pictured below), and they’re mighty happy about it, thank you very much. Not much going on around here – worked for the neighbor all day and cleaned up my own yard a little, put some junk away. Got the Christmas lights up on one of the two 7′ spruces. We have about a week until Thanksgiving, and that’s D-day for the girls – right about when we should start getting eggs. They’ll be 23 weeks, just about six months. See how big and red those combs are getting? C’mon girls! 



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5 responses to “Guess What?

  1. The girls are lookin good!

  2. Love that golden colored one in the front of the second pic. Mmmmm…. soon you will have fresh eggs for breakfast!

  3. What a lavish home youo have for your girls. Hopefully they are as good to you and give you plenty of fresh eggs. The price of eggs here in the store is way to high. Of course I like to buy the x-large eggs. So I can’t complain about the cost. Have a great Thanksgiving.. lilly

  4. hideawayhill

    Thanksgiving eggs instead of turkey?

  5. Can I just say: ‘guess what? chicken butt!’ made my whole morning.

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